Raging Love Chapter 25

25 Blood Of The Fallen..

As In carriage who is carrying Klover take a stop at the dungeon klover looks how much blood has came from the fallen as Klover walks towards the cave he notice and counted how many died over a thousand layers there lifeless bodies soaking blood "poor people but at least vampires weren't the ones they would have all been sucked dried"Klover said as he continues to walk one of the fallen soldiers had grabbed him by the leg and as Klover was scared he accidentally kicked the helmet off and saw the young boys face he was short and barely 16 Klover thought he was probably a new recruit as he looked at the face he saw his mouth move and trying to talk "papa is that you papa...please I want to go home" "I'm not your father young boy but I'm the king and I promise you will go home to your parents I'll take you to the carriage right now and tend to your wounds" Klover said as he picks up the kid and walks him over to the carriage "my lord I'm sorry you just look so much like my dad and you sound like him to I'm sorry to ask you of this but can I call you... dad I really miss him and you look and sound like him ...my name is red" " uh sure look we're here at the carriage I'll carry you the rest of the way ok so just stay awake"Klover said "thanks dad" red said as he started to cry as they entered the carriage he tended to his wounds and thought he would survive and he commanded the driver to go
for visiting.


As Klover and red arrived at the castle he personally put red in the medical room in the castle "thank you dad"red said as Klover was about to leave to let red rest and heal red grabbed his hand in his sleep whispering in his dream please don't go dad as Klover realize what he's saying he stays and sits down next to him and as Klover put his hand over his wounds he chants spells to heal him Klover stayed there until he was fully healed with his spell and woke up "m'lord your still here?" Red said " yes I also tried my best to heal you also may I ask who is your father and do you know what happened" Klover said "my dad oh ya sorry I was hallucinating that you were him but I remember he died when I was around 7 or 6 well I don't know if he died he was in the army of ice kingdom and during the 100 year war he never came back well he's not 100 he's just probably 40 or 60" red said "the 100 year war remember that! It ended when I turned 8 it was a horrible massive war between fire and destruction and fire had no choice but to ask for our help so we aided and sent as many soldiers as we could it was probably 1million soldiers and only 500k came back the other half was either dead or kept as prisoners or abandon the kingdom" Klover said "if your suggestion is that my dad abandoned the war you are wrong he would never abandon he loved this kingdom even more than me" red said whispering the last few parts but Klover heard "that was not what I was suggesting I was suggesting that he might have be held prisoner or is dead but I can look up him if you want what's his name" Klover said "I know it's stupid but it's the opposite of red blue his name is blue he said before his disappearance that he named me red bevy he wanted me to do the opposite of him his full name would be red but he has a nickname blue thunderbolt or if he's not that it's probably by last names his last name is Ben so LT. Ben or blue thunderbolt " red said but as he said the nicknames Klover knows who he was talkings about "wait do you know why they call him blue thunderbolt..." Klover said in a sad tone "yes why do you know him" red said "what part of the war did he disappear on" Klover said even more in a sad tone " he disappeared on the 99th year the second part of the final battle when they attacked the ice kingdom" red said "I'm going to explain carefully and tell me if it's true ok does the blue thunderbolt nickname mean that he moved super fast and that he killed 10 men in a instant" Klover said in a sadder tone "yes that it you know him" red said "during the attack at the castle my family left but I had fell before I can follow them and when I started to scream for help I stop when I heard someone then the blue thunderbolt came he say that my ankle was sprained so he put me somewhere i can be hidden and when the destruction came in he fought and...there was a strong soldier someone couldn't have predicted the destruction would have and he was also quick like your dad but faster he was like in the fairy tales of speedsters it was so fast it killed him in a instant.... I'm sorry if I didn't fall and sprained my ankle maybe he would be alive..." Klover said "don't be my dad was a hero he saved the future king that was his job luckily he didn't die in vain the war ended when the destruction got stupid and we'll just stupid but I want to ask you something "red said "ya anything" Klover said "Can I be your guard I know I'm weak and still need and couple of days worth of training and I'll understand if you say no but I just wanted to ask" red said "off course you can and your not weak no one could defeat a relic demon" as Klover said that red was happy and they discussed everything when he got better


At the destruction kingdom

My lord the experiment are you sure it will work especially making blue thunderbolt fallow our every command" "yes I am sure soon there will be another war but this time we will win because we have what they don't a fairy tale" king of destruction said smiling wickedly
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