Raging Love Chapter 26

26 All About Red..


As the sun arise red wakes up and goes to the guard training grounds as he meet the instructor he shakes his hand and gets ready to train "so you want to be the kings guard is that it.... what is the reason though!" The instructor said as he slams his hand into reds stomach and red threw up all his breakfast from home as he throws up he remembers what his mom and boss talked about

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the day before "MOM!" Red said as he ran to the girl brushing the floors of a half empty bar and hugs her "my baby are you ok" the mom said as she hugged her son not realizing the king was there but Klover wanted to ask why his mom was so young but when she notice Klover she bowed and thanked him and explained why she was so young "you see a long time ago I'll just put it strait I was a prostitute she did a lot of people until one of my clients got me pregnant as I found out it was 2 year after we met again we met again and fell In love" the mom explained the rest it was romantic


Current day

"Why are you so weak aren't you sopposed to be the son of the red thunderbolt or are you the son of a prostitute" he said disrespectfully "don't dis my MOTHER!" Red said as he took out the wooden sword and Dodged every single attack and finally went for the head nocking the instructor off his footing and bruising him on the head "ow! shit your good you might have potential but of course training doesn't work over night we will need to train for 4 days and 4 nights no rest and 1 day and 2 nights in resisting torture or interrogation then your done you can be a guard to all the royal family or just the kings guard now ow! Go to your barracks and sleep the official training will start tomorrow and now I must OW! Get to the medics" he said "thanks instructor" red said
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