Raging Love Chapter 27

27 A Uninspected Visitors And The Declaration Of A War

As he finished the last of his training the other recruits and guards stop training and take a bow not noticing who was behind him and what they were bowing to he looked behind him and there he was a small chubby 5 or 4 year old he still was wondering why they were bowing as the kid didn't look like a royal of any kingdom his clothes looked like commoners but what kind of commoner has royal guards so he asked one of the recruits "why are you guys bowing to a kid" red said "you disrespectful fool bow down to the crown prince of both the fire and ice kingdom and betrothed to the daughter of the lighting" one of the guards said "wait he's royalty crap ok sorry!" Red said as he bows down but didn't realize the prince was walking to him but before that he signaled all of them to stand and as red stood he still questioned why does the prince wear commoner clothes but even though he wears commoner clothes red thinks in his mind that his overall are adorable and the clothes are cute as he soon realized "hey you" david said confused on who he was talking to until he realized he was talking to him "m..me my lord" red said scared as to not be kicked out for dising a prince "STOP WITH ALL THE FORMALITY! MY NAME IS DAVID NOT MY LORD OR PRINCE SO STOP WITH ALL THE FORMALITY"David said angrily as he hates it when people say my lord " I'm sorry prin...I'm mean David" red said scared "I'm just kidding but I do hate being call that especially by my daddy's guard" David said "oh ok david I'm sorry wait your dad told you about me why would he do that I'm just a royal guard in training" red said questioning "I think it was because my dad said let me see oh you remind him of me and that even though you only saw him like 5 times he considered you like a son and also like I said like me I mean you do look a little like me but I'm much more handsomer" David said arrogantly and charmingly as David said red thought he thought of me like a said uh but was interrupted by David saying "hmmm ahah your blushing" " am I" as red said and looked at his sword and saw he was but as soon as he noticed David signaled him to fallow him
for visiting.


As they walk red saw that David was making him to fallow him to the king as red saw the king he tried to bow but Klover signaled him not to and instead he hugged him as a congrats for finishing his training as he Ltd go Klover starts to talk "hey so how are you doing oh and congrats for finishing training and your official job will start tomorrow I can't wait oh and you can just calm me what ever in private or at meeting but in Public call me king" he said as he smiles "yes Klover wait do all of your family hate being called prince or king and what are the names of the family" red said "yes I think my kids got that from me and you'll see the rest of the family later" Klover said


As the formally stop Klover takes him to his wife and his 2 kids red already saw David "oh it's you brother red" as David said while smiling Evily that red started to blush again but this time it's 10X more visible than last time but no one said anything and just continued to there task "well anyway it sees you already saw my son David now this gullible cutty baby toddler is my second son Ben" as Klover said that Ben looks at his dad and the mysterious guy next to him as Ben tells the mysterious guy to pick him up the mysterious guy does just that while Ben is being carried he has a lot of saliva in his mouth and red thought he was just angry or something but he thought it was adorable then Ben spat out all the saliva on reds arm and red thought that it was gross but adorable "that mean he likes you brother red" David said "ok thanks for telling me"red said as he said after a messenger had a letter from destruction and it's king Sign " my lord we have a big problem read this"
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