Raging Love Chapter 29

29 Stage 1 Of 5 Battles Battle To Keep Firestone River And A Unexpected Visi

As the door swinged open red had his sword ready while he was playing with Ben and put him down so he can protect the royals and as it opened red withdrew his sword as soon as he saw who it was but he did not expect Klover to come in with another child he thought oh aha did Klover have a secret child but unexpectedly a counciller came out of no where and bowed and said " prince Ace your awake how a glorias of days there shall be a celebration for you young prince" "really a party for me! even brother didn't get one when he was really sick or missing"Ace said without realizing how rude he was and how much he hurted Klover until he started to tear up and ran out the door slamming it shut "why did brother run out" Ace said "Brother? Are sure your even his brother because if you don't realize what you said!...what you said hurts his feeling how many parts did you and your brother disappear and get parties when you guys come back and when you finish counting rethink what you said and find the issue"David said as he ran out to find his dad "rethink?.. let me see I had 2 counting today that's 2 big elder brother had 5 while big brother had...none but why didn't he get any he's been missing 10 times and counting that time dad said he almost got killed he didn't Receive any part" Ace said as he looked at the counciller for a reason "your brother didn't get any welcome back party because your dad hated him and the kingdom hated him to that's why i mostly raised him..." councilor said as he looked it space wondering as David looked for Klover he found him at the window and he sat next to him "dad are you okay...why are you in a closet dad I would have expected you to be in your room" David said "This broom closet was my room when I was a kid... my dad barely cared about me only cared for Ace and his heart aka my brother do you know people used to call him prince of hearts because he was so calming and quiet on the outside in public but in private with me he was cruel my father was the same he gave me off to at the time to his court wizard to raise until I was useful to him but I guess to date old dad I was never useful as I never got a good life like baby brother and elder brother no unlike them I was discipline and beaten you want to know why I had a black eye that one time I visited you it's because he had beaten me so much that my eye turned purple and if it wasn't for him stopping I would have lost this eye and unlike my siblings I didn't have servants and all the other luxuries of a royal and the only time he was nice to me was when my little brother died I'll explain that later but anyway I was going to have my father come back instead so I can show him how much pain I went though to me he was a imposter of A fake father" Klover said while crying "dad you know for half of those messed up ness there cane one good thing well maybe two dad can you say who the two things were can you even remember though "David said but said the last part quietly "yes I got to love your mother and I got to have you those where the only good thing"Klover said while looking at a old picture of him and Rebecca then he heard someone it was Ace but he was crying for what he said"brother I'm sorry I didn't think though what I said I'm sorry and for what I said I have cancelled it" Ace said a tad bit lying "no don't cancel it do it" Klover said "thank you brother that's why I always loved you more than elder brother he was a meany to you" Ace said walking to Klover and jumping and hugging him and kissing his forehead and as Klover realized what he said he started to blush as he thought he loved elder brother more and after a long kiss on the forehead and a hugg he stopped and said one last love you and almost went to the door but said something before he left "brother remember the Firestone monument it is the most beautiful place it had a bit of history for both the fire and destruction and ice we went there before I became sick and we had a lovely Picnic until brother had beaten you for making him angry I hated him that day"Ace said as he left and Klover thought of something then before getting up he hugged and kissed David on the forehead and said I love you and left realizing something calling all council "what is it my lord why the sudden call" "the destructions first hit will be the monument in Firestone river" "what why would they attack there" council 5 said "oh you boy it's because the monument isn't just a monument for history it's also a great hit point for destruction and also there's a hidden tunnel underneath ur hat no ones but the original architecters builders and the kings only they know about it because it's a old escape route if a kingdom invaded but over the time it's tunnels became old and broken it's last use was during the destruction invasion" council 1 said as he said said that Klover gave an order for 1000 men to go there and if possible set the tunnels to explode

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