Raging Love Chapter 3

3 Episode 3 Hidden In Plain Site


"Father I'am so sorry this happened if it weren't for me maybe you and mother and little brother would still be alive maybe if i was a good son like elder brother why, why did this happen to us"Clover said while crying "Young prince clover it's me Terra do you feel like eating today if you do i have prepared a bath for you"Terra said "OK i will be down within an hour"

                                                           -----four weeks before------

"You know for making it so easy i'll let you live  guards take him away"Zod said "Zod you think they will follow you they will nev--"Clover sad before getting cut off "Yes m'lord" both guard's said"what your betraying me you bastard's after what my father the king had done for you traitors bastards i'll make you all pay you'll see" Clover said

                                                          **------**present week-------
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"Done with the bath i'm coming down"Clover said "Okay just put your clothes on and eat"Terra said


"Uh I really want some candy i'll go to town in 20 minutes but i might as well sleep"Clover said as he fell to sleep

"My My look who we have here my son has returned from sunder"??? said "Who are you what are you talking about my dad's dead how dare you mock the king my dad"clover said "How will we catch up"demon said
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