Raging Love Chapter 31

31 The Battle For Firestone River And Adopting..

As Klover ordered nearly 1 hour ago for them to attack the fleet at Firestone Klover started to wonder what the battle looked like and if they won so he quickly but quietly told red the situation and told red to follow him and so they went by carriage to the closest fort to see if they've won and as Klover looked over he saw that there about to win until some sort of monster super fast came in and swiftly killed almost half of his men and Klover thought so is this there last resort as almost half of the destructions men are almost dead and the other half ran as they saw the superfast monster but then red noticed it was coming towards Klover and so red pushed Klover down and took out his sword and got in position getting ready to be attacked and when the fast monster started to attack red shielded from all the attacks but the last blow had hit him in the head but it's shot instead took off reds helmet and with the monster about to get ready for another attack red couldn't handle anymore so he forced himself to get ready to block until the last minute the monster was about to hit until he stopped and didn't seemed to attack him then the monster turned back as the destruction were getting more prepared to attack as ices men were halted down as ice has 250 now and destruction has 300 but the monster ran towards the destruction and attacked them instead of ice as Klover got up he saw the monster slash snap and beheaded all of the destruction army and as he finished off the last one he ran back to the direction of the destruction but Klover as he looked back on the battlefield he still couldn't handle the site of all the dead soldiers and all the blood and guts that thing has spilled and as he glanced he fell and threw up all over the white granite until red saw and almost forgot his manners and helped him up and saw that Klover was crying and when they got into the carriage red asked why Klover was crying "it's because all those dead people and blood remind me of...my late wife" Klover said while crying "when you found me you weren't throwing up why were you throwing up now?" Red said "because before I was holding it all in as there was a lot of dead bodies and i didn't want to disrespect the dead plus I hoped one of you were still alive " Klover said still crying "oh well I know it's too late I'm sorry for your loss"red said as he felt really sorry for him "it's ok it was a victory anyway don't be sorry we should go home as tomorrow is Aces welcome party" Klover said "ok"red said while laying his head down and smiled as Klover doesn't know what the surprise is but unknowingly he dreamed his dad and when he dreamed he actually moved and kissed Klover on the forehead and waking up he realized what he was doing so he went back to his seat and all of it was pretty awkward "I'm sorry my lord I don't know what got over me I was just dreaming of my dad and i didn't mean to I used to kiss my dad on his forehead when he didn't feel good I'm sorry please don't hate me"red said as he was worried "I mean I was surprised but I guess if it makes you feel comfortable it's ok I mean it is a tad bit off but we'll next time I will be more prepared and I won't hate you I guess since you say I look a lot like your dad you thought I was upset but remember one thing my age isn't 60 my age is 17 but other than that it's ok"Klover said "really sir thanks for not being mad that's another thing in how your different if I ever did anything to upset him or my sibling I guess I was like you I received a slap or a punch or most of the time both so I tried not to upset them" red said "oh dang maybe I can adopt you aha" Klover said not realizing how much of a life change that would be "could you really do that..adopt me i mean" red said " ya I can but if I do you won't become a prince if you wanted to know" Klover said seriously "I know I don't care for the past few weeks we've known each other I thought of you as my dad type of figure even though your 2 years older than me" red said "ok then I get the paperwork's and stuff wait... I'm 2 years older than you how old are you" klover said "I'm almost 15 so actually make that 3 years older than me"n red said as Klover was surprised because he's like the youngest soldier dam he's basically a child soldier dam that's bad Klover thought maybe he'll ask how he became a soldier at such a age

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