Raging Love Chapter 35

35 Assassination Of A Prince..

As the servant runs though the hall way the servant falls and slips on blood but the servant gets back up and continue to run and run but then she slips again by the time she got to the horse she had slipped over 5 times from not only her injuries but also from the blood she had sattled the horse going in the direction of ice as she has flash back of before she starts to see them


We can't let them know of the plan we shall put the blame of the Assassination of King Arthur and prince ryes death on Klover"

"Blame oh no I got to tell the king but first I got to get out"

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"Ma! Where am I" servant said "your in a carriage to ice that's where your from right your clothes have ices emblem"mom said "yes and thank you I got tell the king something so thank you"servant said as she realized the kids then she look at Alex and all his bruises and looks at the lady "no I didn't do those someone else did where running to see my family for money to go to another continent" "money I could ask the king to give you guys a servant job as he always have slots for a new maid and if you want boy a job for a valet if your mother premits it" servant said " is the KING nice" "yes king Klover is nice don't listen to the rumors but i mean you could also babysit prince Ben if you wanted to valet pays more but it's more harder as you need to take care of personnel belonging for the king and get clothes and make arrangements and get a carriage I'll teach you how to use one later once I'm healed but of course the pay for a babysitter is not that much it's about 50percent off of a valets pay who's is 100 silver but a babysitter is 50 silver but there are a lot of pros as a babysitter prince Ben is 2 years old not to long ago figured how to walk he easily loves people if they give him what he wants like chocolate but sometimes ok not sometimes he does want something he really isn't supposed to have it's ice cream as he is allergic to it and can get well it can get pretty gross but on the other hand the young prince is pretty cute plus you won't have to do much since prince David is mostly around him but you probably will also have to watch prince David to for the job you'll have to wash a pick out clothes for them and if you know prince David long enough you'll find out he HATES called prince or anything that has to do with noble ness if I could get a copper every time he fires or gets rid of one of his servants for calling him something noble I would not being working with the royals but those are because he is easily making friends and one word slips and another word doesn't but anyway enough with the chatter I'll talk to the king and ask him for the both of you and by the way my name is Mallory " Mallory said while still in agony

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