Raging Love Chapter 38

38 Feeling Well And A Surprise And A Betrayal..

As the day goes faster klovers wounds healed after seven days and after when Klover went to his family and his family took him to town square then he heard it his favorite lullaby from when he was 3 his mother used to sing that but she stopped when Klover turned 10 then when he walked a little further he saw it a sign that had his name on it saying welcome back home Klover he felt like a kid again but a happy one because he got his own very own party but then he thought "ace what about yours"Klover said roughly "I didn't mind not having a party so we all planned a big party for you at first it was because you almost disappeared a long time ago but now it's because you survived a attack and plus you earned this party as much as me as I heard from David that you lost way more than me I'm sorry about Rebecca if your happy I still remember her when I was small and sick" Ace said "that makes me happy thanks" as Klover said when he went to go enjoyed his party but then he remembered Amy and him were only dating so like no other man he took out a nice but old ring and went up to her and kneeled "Princess Amy of the wind kingdom will you marry me"klover said as everyone was happy and cheering but David wasn't as he before had gotten drinks for his dad and red and himself he saw him and he was surprised "yes yes I will marry you" Amy said as she hugged him then David dropped the reddish blueish drinks and ran no one but Klover saw what happened so he quickly put Amy down and gave her the ring and told her he loves her and ran for David finding him at the top of the chapel "why are you up here" Klover said "why...why dad did you have to replace mom why" David said cryingly " what do you mean" "you were supposed to marry mom not her why...why her do you hate my mom do you not love her" "oh look I still love your mom with all my heart but sometimes the heart gets over a death and falls for another person but I will always love your mom and I can prove it" Klover said happily "how moms...dead" "because of you my little boy you are what's born between love and let me tell you if I didn't love her you wouldn't be here but I did love her and you are here and I do love Amy to and I k ow it's hard to just make someone else your mom and also to make someone who is half related to you I know it's hard but your strong and you'll be able to love her as she loves you come over here my big man let me give you a nice hug and a kiss" Klover said "no dad I'm way to old for that I'm 5 now" David said "oh so your way to old i guess I'll give all my hugs and kisses to your brother"Klover said but after getting hugged by David and David tried to jump up to his forehead but fails and so Klover puts is head at his level and then David went up and hugged him again and kissed his dads forehead "thank you dad for being the best dad and for surviving your the best" "well it was easy I thought of how much pain I would put on your mother if I came to her early and left you a 5 year old boy and my 2 year old son behind and especially my fiancé look I know it's hard for you especially with having a new mother but I think your mother would want this so you don't have to grow up without a mother or father like she had been threw with her mother " " I think your right maybe mom is right now in the land of souls watching over us " "or she's in hell" Klover said "why'd would mama be in the damned souls land" "she wasn't that nice to me i mean I know she was strict but caring but she could've lighten up" Klover said " ya true wait do you hear that I think they are calling you" David said while a bell for the king wrong to go to the war room " "ok wait but before I go who is my little dolly Polly" Klover said both of David's nicknames "I still don't get how I'd went along with dolly Polly i can understand but dolly it's a girls toy and I'm no girl" "I guess it'll be quick it's because of your face it was shaped perfectly like a doll and Polly is because you use to... ok not used to you still look like a girl especially with your face why though you want to change your nickname" "no I'll keep it since mama and you loved it" "aw thank you" Klover said as he starts to head off but not before he hugs and kisses David on the forehead "I love you and your mom and you should know you look like her" Klover said as he heads off leaving David dumbfounded thinking what his dad said while touching his face and looking at a small knife his dad gave him to cut apples with and after all the cutting it was still shiny and he saw he did look like his more if she had blue hair it was weird for David as he started to hold his hands in a pirating manner he says "mama thank you for having me and thanks for the nickname we always miss you"


As Klover walks to the war room he slams open the door and this time there is only one council member "why are you just here" "because guess what I've found out" "what what did you find out " "wanna know why every time those people in destruction are always one step ahead but always lose look what I've found " as Klover took the letter it was torn because it was in the trash it said good work now since you don't want anyone to get hurt in this war I propose we make a deal signed 10/08/1566 "ok who ever the trader is we can't know now because this letter is old and they were supposed to meet before I woke up so I'm guessing you have a list of names" "yes I do but you won't like them here read it yourself " as Klover looked at the list he saw Multiple names that stood out prince David of ice and fire and queen Amy of wind and ice Alex or his mom Red blue "why is red and David and Amy on here and Alex and his mom why they have been nothing but caring" "ya that's what I thought to until look at this " he said as he pulled out a day old liquid food "so it's liquid food for when i was in a coma " "ya but this one was laced in a special something to knock you out longer so for right now don't trust anyone not even me" "ok"Klover said cold hardly
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