Raging Love Chapter 40

40 Help And How To Sleep With A King

As the days gone by klover has been in coma for 1 week he wakes up on Monday 1566 "uh my head and my back hurt what happened prince David! Your here and princess Amy your here to and who is that little one and why does my back and head hurt"klover said not remember "honey he's your son Ben and that's your son David don't you remember anything" Amy said but klover looked a hell a lot of confused "princess wind stopped messing around you know my son died of a miscarriage and if I had tried to have another baby why isn't Rebecca here" klover said "come on stop playing around tell me your messing with me please" Amy said "I'm not anyway who are you married to and still where is Rebecca!" Klover said getting annoyed "I'm you fiancé!" Amy said as David thought 'I haven't seen them fight like this in a while it's like a long time ago when Amy was pregnant with Ben she yelled at him to stop eating her pudding' as David was done thinking Amy ran out crying taking Ben with her "should I go to make sure she's ok" "no I'll go stay tell him everything about Rebecca" zack said "ok wait do you know who I am" red said "no and where is Rebecca!" Klover said getting really annoyed and as he saw reds face shift to a sad face "my name is red well anyway Rebecca....is dead she's been dead for 2 years she died protecting you and her and your son David "what...well then what about wind" klover said while sad "that's a story for another time David stay with him" "ok" David said as he left " so why am I in the hospital" "because of me"david said as klover was surprise then David left then another women came in "hi honey "kc said "ok what who are you to me" "your mistress don't you remember" kc said not knowing there was someone with them Alex listening in "my mistress" "ya so how about I teach you a lesson you'll never forget" "ok" as Alex heard moaning he looked though the key hole as his mother was F***ing a king and he ran to go tell everyone as klover and kc where kissing klover had ripped her shirt of and kissed every part of her and kc did the same then she took of her pants and took of his pants klover wanted to slip something on but she signaled no and they had at

for visiting.

As Alex was running he bumped into everyone "what is it Alex" red said "I know who the traitor is" Alex said as red sat him down "really who is it" all of them said "it's my..... mom she's right now doing something with klover" "why didn't you stopped [email protected] all of them said "what is a 10 year old going to say to a 26 year old mother" "I'm going to make that bitch Pay 10 folds" "what why are you so mad... well besides being forgotten" "she's trying to have my kids dad son me and klover were talk about if we got married we were going to have a third kid" "well good luck with that" all of them said "what do you mean by that" "she's not only 26 years old she's also taller than you since your 17" "oh when you say it like that you make it sound like I'm going to die" " I got a better idea grandma zack arrest the ladie and bring her back to destruction oh and while we're at it have the magic wizard dude make a memory potion"aw you called me grandpa and ya sure guards you heard it and ok" as he said that the guard went and arrested her but some of the girl guards saw prince klovers perfect body and his size but they all thought were years older and they had a hard time and pulled her off she said "my son what about him" "your sons the one who reported you and said he's not coming and bye" they said has they put her in the carriage and told the driver to take her to destruction

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