Raging Love Chapter 41

41 A Memory Potion

As they made the memory potion they went and tole klover and gave him a choice to one choice saves his fiancée marriage but also makes them awkward the other destoys there engagement and she'll take Ben and leave back to wind as they left the consequence out but klover knew "if it makes you all happy and makes me able to remember everything than you know I'll have to say yes plus if it's true about Ben I don't want him growing without a dad so give me the potion" as klover said they gave him the potion and he open about to drink it the wizard stopped him "it's not that type of potion you have to smell it if you drink it we'll do you really want to see everyone memorize or be poisoned" as he said then klover reopened it and stiffed it and all of his memories came back all the sad the anger and the logical memories came back but also the most important the memories of his son Bens birth he remember that when he was born he looked sorta like a doll has his face shape and eyes were perfect and he also remembers when he first held him and everything and he remembers everything about David to so he held both his hands and took David a Ben and hugged them and kissed both of them on there forehead "I missed both of you and David I'm so sorry i shouldn't accuse you" klover said cryingly "it's ok dad I forgive you just next time remember who you'll hurt if you die to soon you'll not hurt only me but you'll hurt little brother and step mother and ace and red and the whole kingdom" David said as klover hugged him even more "I'm sorry and I love you both I want you two to have a nice life and a lot of friends and I think I know how to fix that zack can you get me the discontinuation project on the school" "ok"zack said going out to the war room and getting it and going back and giving it to him "here"
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