Raging Love Chapter 43

43 Pausing The Story To Think


For now I'm pausing the story to think more stuff up and what I'm going to do with kc or when klover will see the kid or what time or at what situations so for now on November 11 the story will be on hiatus until November 13 or something so I'll see you until then or if I get ideas we'll anyways since this might be my last chapter until the 13th or something I might also well say a few things before I go I would like to thank the readers for reading my book as it brings me joy to see people probably either raging or liking the book as I am seriously liking making it and thinking when or if I'm ever done I'm going to make another book but a female lead basically the story about the girl where she died came back and stuff but it'll probably be a fanfic as I loved them book and I don't know when it's coming back so I'm probably going to make something like that just change the plot the characters name and a few other things if you wanted to know I used to wright books on google doc never really did anything with them so I might also upload those and continue from last time I wrote it was probably like 3 years ago or something but I stopped because we'll I really only wrote in my school and I never had enough time plus it didn't really have a plot to it so I'm thinking about a plot oh and just to let you know my favorite that I like to do is magical realism fantasy or medieval so If I do create more it'll probably all be in medieval but with or withought magic anyway I would like to say thank you again for reading and if I'm not back by thanksgiving or what ever you celebrate well happy holidays or birthday bye bye
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