Raging Love Chapter 46

46 Talking In The Carriage And Singing To Ben And The Kids And A Name

As they were not really halfway there Mallory was still surprised about the news as she as the kingdom has a new prince "so how about we start with introductions" klover said "...." he just stared without saying a word still wondering why did the king give him to this mysterious man thinking did he not want him "I'm klover this is Mallory she is the head of maids and also my best friend since we were kids we first had first Met when she lived in a orphanage my father your grandfather adopted her for the mad and cleaning job this is Ben my son your brother he's still shy only takes last time to me and Those kids we met today now what is your name" "my...grandfather...my..brother....?" He said as he doesn't know what he meant as he doesn't realize who he really is to him "ya"klover said confused "what...am...I...to...you" he said slowly " you are my son basically I'm your dad" klover said "but mother said that my dad has left when I was a baby...STOP LYING!" He said angrily "hey look at me do I look like I would lie about something this important" "I don't know" "look it's ok if your not ready I just want to ask what's your name so I don't have to call you unknown boy" klover said laughingly "it's....mmm...Ryder" Ryder said hesitantly "ok Ryder it's nice to meet you and you can call me what ever" "ok...dad" Ryder said he doesn't want to get it wrong "ok so how about I sing a song" "ok"all of them said as they don't know if he can sing "ok here i go as the day go by I see a child and his brother but as the day goes by they tell me there story they had starved after there parents left but when they awoke it wasn't bad as there's been food on the table but as I arrive I see a boy playing his game turn into a song of hope as I go bye I see my sons face as they talk in the river flow but one day all that changes around them" klover sang as all of the kids go to sleep even klover himself
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