Raging Love Chapter 47

47 A Long Blizzard


As the carriage moves they are 2 days into the trip but as they move a blizzard hits and the carriage is stuck and they didn't have a good stop " ahh ow! Why did the carriage stop" klover said as he falls over and so does Mallory " ya I was told this carriage company was the best as in the fricken best" as Mallory finishes that last few sentences the door opens and it's the driver "we are the best it's just I didn't prepare for a blizzard" "oh...wait a blizzard how hard is it" klover said worried "it looks like maybe 2 to 4 inches of snow the horse won't be able to move so it's best if we wait it out tomorrow and stay inside" the driver said "ok we'll then since it's night the children will have to get dressed ben can you do me a ultra favor and help the orphan and Ryder get dressed plus your technically the oldest since your 2 and the others 1 and the others almost 1" "papa do I have to I barely know them" ben said with a lisp "your closest to there age you know what fine I'll help you 2 get dressed older orphan help him out and the rest Mallory and the driver wait outside as we may also need to replace other clothes" "ok got to by the way if Ben has to go to the bathroom I can take him" Mallory said as she left "ok let's see what we have to deal with we only got your sleeping clothes while the others are going to use your others " "uh...are you sure" "ya I'm sure ben wouldn't mind for you guys especially for his brother but they may be a tiny bit big as he gained a couple of pounds " "thanks you" orphan said as he takes the clothes and puts it on his brother and klover does the same but then takes old funny things and puts on new ones like the emblem of ice now it's the emblem of wind and then when klover finishes he invites the others in and they sleep
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