Raging Love Chapter 50

50 Home Is Home

As David is still so surprised at what klover said "Family what do you mean" "I mean that if you need anything come to me and I'll do my best to give to you want you need if you want to live in the castle then ok I can make that happen what ever you need because that's what family's are for" klover said happily "uh really mister klover you know sir that your nicer then destruction " Davis said " I know and don't call me mister klover call me something like step dad klover or god dad or uncle"klover said angrily "ok...uncle I got to go but I'll see you later uncle ok" Davis said as he walked to the door and waved and so did Thomas and klover waved back and left and went to the castle and they saw her beauty radiating more than ever it was Amy and she looked at both klover and Ben with sad eyes "my to loves where have you gone if you were gone any longer I might have died from a heart attack my boys " Amy said historically " you do know I'm the fiancée and not your son" "ya sorry we'll anyway what is the terrible gift Alexander wanted to give to you and who's that child" Amy said pointing at the boy sleeping in klovers arms "the gift was a who-" klover said as he got interrupted "on my god I thought destruction was done with slavery to I guess people never change " Amy said as she hailed the guards about to take the child and give him to the guards then klover backed up and hailed no "no you didn't let me finish this boy is..he's my son" klover said as Amy lifted her hands and smacked his face and it was so loud that Ryder woke up "daddy why is there a red hand mark on your face " Ryder said as Amy looked sad "did you cheat on me again" Amy said as she started to cry "no no sugar bear you got it all wrong" klover said "then tell me hmm what's the story" "the mother is the traitorous girl KC well anyway I just found out 2 days ago she was pregnant and Alexander had used a time potion and stuff and well the birth happened" "oh my and I just oh my god I'm so sorry I just can't handle it when I look at you I can see that woman on you wait why do you always have boys " Amy said still not noticing Ryder and ryders thinking are they ignoring him did he do something wrong "oh there was suppose to be a girl but she sadly died because of the magic" klover said as Ryder remembered something so he hit klovers chest as hard as he can and it was really just a small pat then klover realizes he's awake " oh so sorry I bet you thought we were ignoring you we aren't we were just talking "klover said as Ryder points at the red hand sized mark "oh I tried to smack a bug really hard " klover said but Ryder didn't believe him "anyway dad are you talking about little sister " "ya" klover said frowning "she's not dead" "say sike now this isn't funny" klover said furiously "dad I'm not kidding she's in Alexander castle in a room I saw while I was walking to you guys" "what that bastard he tricked me " "I knew he was smart but not this much well anyway you can't go back remember if you even go back even accusing him will be for war so you have to wait until he gets what he wants I know it sucks but you have to wait" "ok" klover said hesitantly

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