Raging Love Chapter 52

52 A Lier In The Kingdom

As the door opens a servant comes in with a needle then goes quickly and surely to Ryder and draws blood but then when the servant filled the vile klover wakes up when the servant realizes it he quickly throws the vile to someone at the door then when that is done he quietly leave but someone or something got him by his and it didn't look human it was drafed "the draf but you all went extinct seven billion years ago how" servant says crying "I'am nothing of the sort I am master klovers familiar I protect him and his sons" "but that means if your his familiar then that means he's..." "awake... so tell me who sent you" "master klover i can't teller you that " "it's either that or have your head snapped off of your body"klover said while smiling evilly "yo...you wouldn't" "tighten your grip draf your grips weakening" "yes master" as the draf said tightening his grip on his throat "how about this you'll bleak trice if it's anyone of these names ok" klover said as the servant winked ok "so it it my fiancée" klover said as he winks once for no "was it...David" klover said as he winks no "loosen your grip so he can tell me" klover said as draf losses his hand "thank you my lord I'll tell you who it is" "so tell or my friends claws with sink into your heart" klover said as draf puts his claws near his heart and as the servant looked in fear "ok I'll tell you queen Amy prince David and prince ace were plotting to kill him well it was really queen Amy and ace who hired me to kill him if he woke up we only came for his blood to see if he's related to you and Amy went and hired me behind aces back to kill him as ace only wanted to see if he was truly related to you and prince klover doesn't know now will you let me go" "do it" klover said as draf stocked his claw into the mans chest and ripped his heart out "but we had a deal" he said as he was almost dead "i am klover the kind but I'm not nice to mercenaries so draf deliver his body as a message to ace and Amy but give Amy one half and ace the other half" klover said with a mad smile
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