Raging Love Chapter 53

53 A Death That Must Not Happen

As they are there as weird out as can be ace and klover and all of them except the 4 other young kids "so how long" "what do you mean hunny" Amy said as she puts her hand on klover but klover gets her hand off "how long have you betrayed me for" "what do you mean hunny betray you never " "ya dad " "ya brother " "Amy don't play stupid and you to David and ace I know you hired the guy to take ryders blood" "you knew" "really" "oh and I also know there's a double betrayal" "double betrayal?" "Oh so funny I guess you didn't know while you ace asked for Ryder alive anyway went behind your back and hired him to kill Ryder" klover said laughing "uh what amy you betrayed me" "yes I'm sorry but I had to" Amy said then some guards came in and klover signaled them to grab David ace and Amy "what why my love" "dad why" "brother no don't" as klover signaled his familiar to drop the body "oh my god" Amy and ace scared and nervous "brother and my fiancée Amy until I know your not a threat you are under arrest until further notice and for David you will be put on 24/7 guard surveillance just for until I know that you won't hurt your brother and guards be nice with David he's just 5" klover said as the guards let go but David is still horrified at what his dads is capable of "honey please don't I'm sorry ok" Amy said "princess Amy of wind you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Ryder ice and ace you are under arrest for treason " klover said crying a little "brother I'm sorry but please don't arrest her don't leave your sons motherless please just put it all on me please" ace said begging "fine!... your lucky I love my kids guards release Amy and put ace under arrest for both treason and attempted murder and in 2 week if he doesn't pose a threat release but all ties to the crown is demolished and if he does pose a threat then have him executed in 2 weeks" klover said as the guards let go of Amy "thank you brother" "don't call me brother because of as now anyone who's has anything to do with this is not related or will ever call me dad brother or fiancée" klover said as everyone looked surprised but not as much as David but then klover goes up to him and says in his ear "since you didn't know about this you'll be forgiven" klover whispered and David looked somewhat happy "now take ace away" klover said "I'm sorry my lo-" Amy said as she begged for his forgiveness but was interrupted "don't call me love or my love you know I thought you changed for when we were kids but I guess people don't change your still as cold as ever even to a child a guess what's the chance of difference as you already did this" klover said as Amy looked horrified "what does he mean already" David said as he looks more horrified "oh didn't you know as teens a boy I think liked me while she had a crush on me although I didn't return the same feelings she hired a hit man and had the young boy killed she promised never to do it again but she broke the promise" klover said as Amy looked horrified "now I must go get ben and Ryder bye bye" as klover said as he left slamming the door on the way out but after a servant from last night cam in and had whispered in Amy's ear "miss amy they are related" as Amy heard she cried and screamed

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