Raging Love Chapter 55

55 Reclaiming My Son

As the alley was still dark Ryder felt like this had been going on for hours it kept on going until he couldn't feel any pain anymore and the leader was cutting slower so it would go deep he kept on licking more blood from the cuts "when I'm done I'm going to yank it off and cook it and eat it it's going to be so good I hadn't had young boys for food in a long time" the leader said looking at ryders eyes he looked dead inside but the leader knows ryders alive just broken "aw man don't you have any screams or cry's left come on" the leader said as Ryder was crying then he screamed loud but it failed to gain any action then out of no where a arrow shot at the guys hand and he was sent back crying then another shot at his head the leader died almost instantly only leaving a faint scream then as the chains were unlocked one of the ruckys grabbed Ryder and threatened him with a knife at his throat "I will kill him" the ruck said as a arrow pierced through one of his Comrades armer and piercing his heart then one shoting at the guy who threatened Ryder then bam Ryder dropped Ryder quickly got up and picked up his clothes and ran but as he ran he remembered the sight of blood 3 guys swiftly killed as he ran he ran to a empty building then when he entered he quickly hid in a old broom closet then quickly put on his clothes but now his clothes were all dirty and his blood from the cut near his parts had slit had spewed into his clothes leaving a reddish blueish color but Ryder quickly went to the streets turning left and right until day had hit and a few kids between rich and poor and somewhere older than him had circle around him "hey look at this are you lost baby aww do you want to call your mommy maha" the taller kid teased "with those clothes hmph don't make me laugh she probably abandoned him along with his dad like look at him he's a freak" a much shorter kid said talking about ryders appearance and because of his long blue and black hair but what the boy said ticked Ryder off "m...my momma and dad didn't abandoned me my momma just lived in another kingdom and my daddy lives here but I ran away" " ok if you say so then why isn't your dad here looking for you or at least the guards" a kid Ryder age said as he said it Ryder started to cry at least some tears that he had leftover " oh what baby can't even try to cry oh how sad and pathetic" the taller kid said "how about we tea chi this boy a lesson he'll never forget" "ew maha although it would be fun to do his bodies to small and he'll die if we do it" the much older kid said "who cares it's one less begged off the table" "your right" the taller kid said as they pushed Ryder on the floor and took of his pants and turned him around and took off his underwear and sticked something Ryder didn't know what it was but he hated it as it made him hurt a lot and each 5 minutes the guy told them to switch to the next and as Ryder was trying to get out the more he felt like there was no hope as it came down to the final person a boy his age his lower waist area hurted a lot and when the younger put in something he couldn't deal with it anymore so he cruised because it was longer for the last and as he finished his lower waist area started to eject blood and everyone saw as his lower waist area was bleeding but they didn't care as it felt good for them and when they started again from the older kid a guard came in "young prince! You mongrels stay away from him" as klover said as everyone stepped back and klover quickly pulled his pants up "it's the king and he's the prince " "brother did we just did it to the prince" the kid whispered as klover picked up the still in pain Ryder he quickly ran back to the castle and put Ryder down in the infirmary and klover walked outside and waited as he got called he asked "is he going to be ok" "his lower waist area is bleeding and torn so it might take some healing and you said that 15 boys did this this is disgusting what they did was not only perverted but was also ****" " ya I know I had them arrested and sentenced to 2 years in prison so when will he heal" "in 4 days to heal then 2 days for him to recuperate and 1 day in the bed so that would be 7 days in the ER oh and were lucky to get him this early as there was a cut around I

for visiting.

His private area so that it's self won't form into a scar we're lucky enough that the kids didn't go farther and do dirtier things if you catch my drift" as the nurse said and klover was really worried for him so he put his hand on ryders face and said "at least we got my son back i'm sorry ryder" as he said he kissed ryders forehead and layed his head next to his side and tries to sleep
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