Raging Love Chapter 56

56 The Truth And Repairing There Relationship

As it's been longer than 7 days it's been 2 weeks and Ryder is still recuperating in the ER as Ryder wakes up he sits up but as the door opens and klover comes in he quickly and Shirley puts his blanks over his body scared of his dad afraid he would get yelled at as he does klover sits at the edge of the bed "hey buddy how are you doing today look I know you heard all the things I said and all the thing you heard about your mom look I don't think your mother was mad she just wanted a good life for Alex and Damien I don't hate her and I should not have said i hate you even a little bit as you are my son" as klover said that ryder lighten up and let's go of the blanket and squirms and then klover quickly takes off the blanket then Ryder turns his head around and looks to be in pain "uh what's wrong" "my waist still hurt dad" ryder said in pain "oh how about I take you to go to the shower" "ok but dad do you love me" ryder said as klover noded "yes I do now let's go" klover said as he picked Ryder up and went to the bathing room and helped him unclothes but klover stopped as Ryder looked sad and uncomfortable "let's have a deal ok I want you to try and undress yourself you have until I come back from the bathing room ok" klover said "ok dad" "oh and if you win I'll read to you a lot of your favorite books" klover said as klover said as Ryder looked excited hearing what he offered so then klover left then entered the bathing room and went to the bath and purposely took a long time to turn it on so he could give Ryder time to undress so he stopped it once it got to near the top then exit and saw that Ryder had not finished undressing he still had his underwear but Ryder looked uncomfortable as he was about to take it off but klover stops him "you know you don't have to if you don't want to you know what why don't we play a game when you I The bath I'll try to put the ointment on without looking but you do know you can't always be uncomfortable you have to try your best to heal not anyone's else" klover said as Ryder looked serious and klover walked and picked him up and put him in the bath and washed his hair with soap and did as the game instructed he put the ointment on his lower waist area without looking "so how much does it hurt" "it hurts a lot" ryder said as klover did understand as 15 people is a lot for such a small body to hand or deal with "I love you ok" klover said opening his eye and kissing his sons forehead then he turns off the water and at the last minute when he was going to leave so ryder can get dressed he was stopped by Ryder "dad I don't want to take as long as before so can you help me put my clothes on" ryder said blushing " ok that's a start reach out of your comfort zone and blast you can Achieve anything " klover said as he helps ryder "daddy can you tell me story's about mama" ryder said while klover was surprised as ryder never mentioned his mother "so what made you mention your mother" "the kid the one who bullied and did the things he did to me he said that my mama moved to another kingdom because of me " ryder said as klover looked sorta sad " ok let's see here"

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