Raging Love Chapter 59

59 Negotiation

As it was raining it is breakfast and everyone including Ryder is eating although Amy and Ben like him david doesn't he still calls him by his name and that's not the part that bothers ryder well a little bit the other half is that David says is name with hatred and resentment towards Ryder and as they were eating "dad can I play with Ben outside" David said with boredom "sure why don't you take Ryder with you he's been in the infirmary for the past 2 weeks so take him" klover said smiling "I don't want to I only want to play with my little brother" David said as klover frowned at what he said "hey you need to be nicer to Ryder he's your little brother too" Amy said "w...what no he isn't my little brother his mother was a traitor" David said as Ryder looked sad "big brother you shouldn't say that about Little brother mother" Ben said with a lisp "why shouldn't I we all know it's true she's a traitor" as David said Ryder started to cry but not just because of that he was in pain too "you know what I don't have time for this hey Ryder want to go outside with me and Ben while the big meany big brother can stay indoors and see how you feel" klover said as he started to pick him up "sure dad" ryder said while klover picking him and Ben up and going outside as David looked upset and sat and looked at Amy "how can you be so supportive of ryder he's not even one of us his mother is a traitor" "well feelings change and have you ever considered that maybe he isn't bad and he just love his dad and all of us including your dad and his mom sure he knows what she did was wrong but he still loved her" Amy said while smiling "wait he knows about his mother" " ya whole Ryder was in the infirmary klover visited him a lot and told him stories about his mother look please accept him he may be half related to you but so is Ben and your adopted brother is not even closely related to you so please be nicer because life is short and you don't want to live with hatred for ever " Amy said as David looked somewhat upset at himself "your right" David said with a frown " hey how about you join them" "but dad said that I can't" "well do you feel how your brother felt" "yes " "then you can go outside oh and there's one more thing there's some similarity between you guys too" "what do you mean" "you both lost your mothers at a young age and you both haven't seen your father until you were a year or two older" Amy said as David looked sad and left running outside as klover looked at the door opening and David coming out he was about to yell until he saw the tears on his face and he ran immediately to Ryder and Ryder looked puzzled and didn't know why he was crying until David ran hugging Ryder "ryder I'm sorry I should not have said those mean things I'm sorry" David said crying but Ryder is surprised "I forgive you brother" ryder said as David cried and Ryder hugged him back then after they stopped "want to play with us " "sure" David said as he started to play with everyone

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