Raging Love Chapter 6

6 The Broken Spell

"Klover it is your destiny you must destroy all evil and you must repair the realm breaker if you don't it will go like it had before do you want that for your people please my little boy you must do this it is your destiny to help us but first of course we must train you in light magic and in sealing magic" mother said with assurance "I-I can't n-no I won't this is my life not your's and why should I give a crap if this whole world is turn into slavery they did nothing for me so why should I help everyone here an-"Klover said before he was scared by a giant explosion "oh no that was the realm breaker it has reached it's breaking point this is bad please my son you must do this for our people if you don't we all will die for our defiance please" mom said with fear "fin-fine then just give me some time to prepare for what ever is coming but after this world owes me for saving their asses"Klover said "thank you my lovely boy all right we shoud start training Soon here" mom said as she gives Klover spell books "in that book is everything you need to be taught all the spells be careful because some of them are incredibly dangerous for light magic"mother said cautiously "Ok I shall be going mother be careful bye"Klover said but after when he left he heard a big explosion inside a tower "what the fuck was that that doesn't look or sound like a normal explosion maybe the book has something" Klover said as he opened the book and tried to read the dusty book judging that it has been with his mother and the king for more than a year "let's see uhh here the right chapter 8 of magic relics or magic explosion"Klover said with hate "of course it couldn't have just been a weird explosion uhh! let's read now ' whitish purplish and blackish explosion with kinking sound is a dark/light magic usually showing the signs of a seal, relic, demon breaking the realm barrier without proper items , and or just a magic explosion ' it's got to be one of these plus that was a pretty loud sound theirs got to be a way to tell the difference let me sad mhm.. here it is 'here we are to tell you what it would look like for each but we're crossing out the demon part because you should be able to see a freaking wall or the sky is falling well with a relic their should be a really loud sound that normal humans need to hear but for magic people there is a feeling of discomfort or if their scaredy cat then you'll feel fear or scared but that will only happen to some if it is a half human half dragon they will only hear a sound because humans aren't magic while dragons are so it's mixing your brain if you are a half dragon's ok well see how much I read I don't need to know any more it was obviously the relic barrier I need to train immediately if I don't like mom said lives could be on the line including the ones I love like her...."Klover said

~ meanwhile in the fire kingdom~

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"we got to find out what was that noise father if we don't our lives that could be at stake plus I'am a half dragon" ???? said with compassion "NO if it is that Klover could do what he needs do to the spell is broken because of him anyway" ???? said
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