Raging Love Chapter 62

62 The Path To Resurrection And Secret Powers

As klover is in his study his study's is all messed up and his usual neat and tiedy clothes are all messy and so is his study's as there are a whole bunch of spell and history books all over his floor and as klover looked up he saw to blury figures as he's been drinking lately klover quickly got into something cold and he saw who it was ryder and Amy they both saw why his dad barely showed for dinner or any food and why he had it dropped off over here he was reading books about magical resurrection when they started to stare more near where klover usually sits they see a Journal and some brandy and when they walked towards klover he was still a bit drunk and when Ryder walked he stumbled upon a book about resurrection and how to do it so he quickly picked it up and when klover saw what he picked up he said "that's the book I was looking for " klover said pointing at the book and tries to stand but falls trying to walk but before he could hit the floor Amy quickly catches him "hey honey are you ok ew you stink like beer and pig insides" "sorry" "we should get you to the bath " Amy said Tapping on ryders back to come and as they walked Ryder Brong the book all the way through to the bath as Amy turns it on she quickly tells the boy to get out for a minute but klover said "how about we take a bath I mean we hadn't done that yet and he probably needs one to " klover said drunkly "ok Ryder come over here " Amy said telling him to come over and while klover is taking off his clothes ryder gets help from Amy then Amy lifts Ryder into the bath then klover got it and soaked his hair and woke from his drunkenness "daddy look what I can do" "oh what can you do" klover said smiling as ryder puts his hand over the water and tries his best to do what he wanted after 4 minute klover said "that's enough I know you want to do magic but I don't think that's possible " "it id just wait hmm oh" as Ryder said but klover was about to put his hand on his shoulder and tell him to stop until some of the water drops come up"how are you doing this " "because I have magic like you daddy " ryder said " first how long have you had this power and can you try and make a finger turn into a L and point it and make water go at it and pretend your shooting it like a weapon or something " "I had this since I was a big sister has the same power but different element she can freeze stuff and make ice and sure daddy" as Ryder said he points his finger then makes a sound sorta like a boom or a bang then the water is moved towards the wall and the speed of it was probably mock 4 or 3 then when it reached the wall it made a loud crashing sound and the wall cracked making a wall whole in the castle wall "that's incredible i know I can do a lot like that but I don't use it that much" klover said as he did the same thing as Ryder but only shot arrow but it made a little bigger whole "woah dad you can do air dad that's so cool" "ya it is how about this we make this our own thing for now on no one but us shall know ok" "ok daddy" they both said as they made a circle out of there powers

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