Raging Love Chapter 67

67 Horns And Tails And A Heated Talk With A 10 Year Old

As the day starts klover wakes up next to both his wives and all of his kids ands as he sits up he looked at Ben and Ryder and how cute they were hugging each other in there sleep he kept on looking until he saw something that looks to be tiny horns then klover tried to see if they were fake and tried to pull them off but instead he heard a loud scream from Ben and everyone woke up all surprised "what happened" all of them said tiredly "oh my baby what happened" Amy said as she picks up Ben as he cries then noticed the small horns at the side of his head and klover went to her "are they fake " "no they aren't" "how was this possible" "well gax babies are born they don't have there horns until 5 because there body's don't start to produce the proteins for the horns so he's probably a early bird and will grow as he grows and it looks like these ones as they grow it will probably curve towards his forehead he'll look so cute wait I never got to know what race is David" "don't you remember he's half elf his ears are a bit pointy and he's a couple of inches taller then his age " "oh Ryder" "he's-" klover said as he was stopped by a kiss "honey let me do this as I know more of the destruction kingdoms history because I lived in it " "so you know its history" Amy said "yes I was born and abandoned there as my parents left me there I was also taught there history" "ok then" klover said "ok so I understand why Alexander didn't tell you this as no one really takes the ears and tails out but anyway we're somewhat related to cat people except we're not all hair we only have ears and tail we're werecats we can transform into cats that matches our hair color of course but anyway i don't think you know this but Alexander put a spell on him as he's to young to be able to hide his tail and ears so he made them disappear well not disappear just turn invisible and not able to touch here I'll take it off" Kc said as she starts chanting a spell then the ears and tail appear "only he can see and touch it " "oh so that's why he sometimes holds a invisible object saying it's a stick for some reason" as klover said Ryder understands his dad can see his ears and tail "wait if your a werecat why is his tail bushy and the way his ears are shaped and it's look it looks more like a werewolf " "oh that's because he got more of my werewolf blood" "werewolf blood how is that possible" "oh well you see when a daddy werewolf and a mommy werecat love each other very much-" Kc said as she was interrupted by klover "don't finish that sentence" klover said dramatically "well basically his ears and tail may look like a werewolf but he's really a werecat with a werewolf like ears and a bushy fluffy tail and I was lying about my dad I don't even know if my dad is a werewolf "Kc said looking sad until both Ryder and klover give her a kiss on the cheek " hey you don't need them if they were alive remember you wouldn't have met me and had our son and oh you still need to visit Alex and Carl " "oh ya can I have ryder and go up first as he may be hungry" "sure also we're Tristan " "she left early" "oh ok" as klover said he saw as kc left with Ryder and saw him playing with his tail

for visiting.

As Kc got closer to Alex and Carl's room she had finally met the rooms door and nocked and opened it and Alex looked behind him and was surprised "m...mother hmm" he said then saw Ryder patches onto there moms breast as Alex wasn't to surprised about the breast feeding as he's seen his mother breast feed his brother all the time "I thought all the gossip of how you are ryder mother was false but i see they were correct" "do I hear a tiny bit of hostility in your voice please st-" Kc said as she was interrupted by Alex "don't even start at that crap your not my mother and your certainly not Carl's mother" "what do you mean I held you" "held is you haven't been my mother since you rapped klover and replaced us with two other children" "go away" Alex said " stop acting like your the victim you don't even know why I did what I did" "well enlighten me" "I did it all for you we were banned from the destruction kingdom and I wanted to get back" "ya right just leave like you always have" Alex said as kc was seriously hurt and left crying
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