Raging Love Chapter 7

7 Mytho


it's sorta all mythology I'll try to remember to add all the mythology races demons and other stuff
for visiting.

what is a half dragon a half dragon is the short term of half dragon half human their are at least 1 in each kingdom Klover is sorta of a immature and mature character at the same time somehow at times if you continue to read he will be mature like if one of his friends are about to die or going to die but if it is the first option he will immediately after joke and sometimes say stupid crap like why the hell did you try to die i will make a comic but it's not like that it will show what the character will look like and later in the story at least one unimportant or important thing will not be free other than that it's a free story also If your wondering why the mom doesn't have a name and why I didn't put the king's name is it's either because they won't come back or I have forgotten their names but for the king he will come back but for the ex queen aka klovers actual mother won't come back I will probably implement her into at least 3 or 4 more story's

if I didn't mention it then I'll say it aging their will be a reading thing if I can draw a comic I would but since the app I think is only on phones scratch that comic out it will be on one of the readings and I will upload a new one every time theirs a new character or their won't be one and I'll just say this and also this book I will try not to make it boring and also their will be another book when this book is done if I remember
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