Raging Love Chapter 71

71 The Death Of Love Ones

As klover and everyone else was surprised about what the figure said then as Amy stood up she quickly chanted a spell and flung it with power but it misses and instead before she can quickly chant another spell the dark figure quickly withdrew a giant sword that had to many designs to tell which kingdom he's from then he quickly impales Amy with the sword and Amy slightly screamed then red angrily tries to attack but the figure teleports and starts to fight red and red pointed them to leave and klover did so and rand with everyone as they quickly ran to the stairs they can hear a slight yell as the door opens and swiftly the dark figure runs towards klover and as klover and the rest get cornered they saw what the one man did to the castle guards all of them were dead and the kingdom had smoke coming out and klover could hear cry's as the figure comes closer klover and his family had no other option they looked to see what's at the bottom and lucky enough there was a deep pool of water so they quickly picked up David as he's the only one who could swim and put Ben and Ryder on him and tossed him but David didn't get tossed without a fight then as Casey was about to jump she quickly picked klover up as he was crumbling in fear and anger and they jumped then the figure quickly ran and screamed "BROTHER!"

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3 weeks have passed

As Casey realized klover is finally waking up she sat him up then klover looked puzzled as to where he is "hun we are in the southern continent of sealax and we are near kingdom ashmore" "what really is Amy and red here oh and what about Alex Carl thomas and Davis where are they" klover said "red and Amy are....dead we went back after we had a carriage every servant except Mallory Davis Thomas Carl and Alex are dead Mallory and the the others we couldn't find them" "wait where's ben David and ryder and what happened to the kingdom mmm ow!" Klover said as he clenched his side and saw that it was bleeding "and what happened to me OW!" Klover said as he clenched his side again "when you jumped you were impales by a rock luckily it wasn't to deep but anyway the kingdom of ice is no more the citizens probably left along with the kingdom of fire wind and destruction have disbanded and left there kingdoms but Ben ryder and klover there dealing with the death of family's members so there taking it hard especially Ben as he lost a mother " "why did the other kingdoms disband I mean I get fire but why the rest as they weren't joint kingdoms with us" klover said worried "the kingdoms were worried that anyone who's had any relationship to ice would be destroyed so they left the kingdom only bring food and some weapons and all the carriage they all left up north for destruction while wind and fire left up south if we go out to the abandoned kingdoms we might see them" "wait what happened to zack " as klover said casey looked down and shakes her head as to tell him silently that he's dead " oh but I got your books all of them " "wait all of them!" Klover said surprised "ya I know a little magic so if you need to borrow them just tell me but you need to go see your son he at the river in front of the door" "your right I'll be seeing you "klover said as he ran to the door and saw that there was a small snow storm and it continued and klover saw as Ben was sitting on a wood stump alone shivering and so klover took his shirt off and put it around him and unusually he doesn't even flinch like he always does and doesn't look back and as klover looked at his eyes and saw how gone he was and saw how much he cried then he moved his mouth "dad where mommy...daddy where's mommy" Ben said stammering and repeating "your mother is gone" klover said crying a bit "what do you mean gone dad" Ben said confused "she's dead" "what's dead" Ben said confused "dead is when someone stopped moving it's like when someone stops moving it's like what happened to David's mom she won't come back her souls is no longer here she is in the land of souls and new beginning" "will she forget us and will we join her" "no your mother won't forget you she's probably with David's mom having a fight and yes of course we will see her when we die we will be as we were when they saw us so please for me be happy" "ok...ok daddy I love you" Ben said crying and hugged tightly klover "don't leave daddy don't leave please don't leave...daddy stay daddy please stay I want to stay with you and your all I have left " Ben said crying " i promise I won't leave I'll will survive until you are older and have your own kids so stay happy" klover said crying "ok dad I love you" Ben said as he cried then went to sleep

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