Raging Love Chapter 72

72 A Plan To Go South And I Will Do What Ever I Have To Do For My Family

As the sun ways hits klovers face he wakes up and sees that everyone is still asleep he sees that she is trying to keep Ben and David warm while klover was trying to keep ryder warm so he picked him up and tried to walk but he can only feel pain from his side but to keep ryder warm he continued to try and walk and at his fifth try he succeeds and goes to Casey and wake her up "what do you want I'm trying to keep the kids warm" Casey said clutching the David and Ben "I need the book of spirit seeking and resurrection " "fine give me a minute" Casey said as she said a chant and a portal opened and she put her hand through and got the two books and gave it to him then klover put Ryder on there bed and klover took of his jacket and shirt and put it on him to keep him warm he also took some wood and lit the wood then he sat down opened the book and chanted to see hatch the as he opened his eyes he saw him Hatcher but he wasn't happy he was worried "klover what are you doing here your not supposed to be here" "what why am I not supposed to be here tell me why" "he'll find you " "you know who is after me wait who is he why is he after me and why did he call me brother" "I'll try to answer your question as fast as I can the reason why he called you brother it's because he is your brother but like the night dragon is your dad but only in soul like because your soul is a dragons soul your brother he's your dragon brother" "your making no sense" "he's the guardian of the realm of death and this spell he awoken because of you and he will find you if you don't leave" "what do you mean by the guardian of this realm" "oh my god fine he's the Demigod of death your the Demigod of life" Hatcher said as he hears a sound then looks "no more question leave like now or you and your family will die" Hatcher said as he pushed klover out and klover was worried so he woke everyone up "what is it" everyone said "get ready we're leaving " "why" "he's found ya and any minute he could appear " "what really alright everyone pack up" Casey said as they all started to pack up then klover starts to clench his side and as he does he looks at his wind and there it was healed but not a normal healed his usual tan skin was made into some sort of white scaly patch of skin he quickly grabbed his shirt and jacket and put them on them he grabbed everything he could and putted into the carriage then as he forgot his book he went back to pick it up then he noticed a hatch under the bear rug and as he lifted the rug off of the hatch he saw blood leading into it then klover tried to opened the hatch and he opened it then as he lit a lantern he saw it five dead bodies it was a family a boy that was ryder age and others the same age as Ben and David and himself and Casey as he cried he realized who could have done this he quickly took the lantern and burned the whole place down and left the house then as he enters the carriage he told everyone to stay and he sat next to Casey "hi klover I was thinking maybe we should go south" "ya especially since it's warmer and I got to talk to you about something" "ya what is it" Casey said as she moves the horses "did you kill those people in the basement " klover said as Casey looks surprised " I had to do it have to help my family and I would do it again" "that's not the problem did you ask if you could stay there for a while and did they see" "I asked and they said they wouldn't let us stay and no I had them wait outside " "fine just don't do it again next time mention my lord status " "ok" they said as klover took over driving

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