Raging Love Chapter 75

75 Examining Him And Village Bullys

As the days past by klover and his family arrived at Oakland klover was still bothered by what king fire said so he trained Ben but not just to help him but to also examine his abilities and see if anything match's the description and all but one he has checked an astral transformation so he took ben and Ryder so he could see if he could do it "so I read on the book that just try to let the fire or water consume yourself then concentrate as it consumes you and pick any type of form you would like to take sorta like this" klover said as he did as he instructed then her turned into a white wolf then Ryder and Ben followed and as they did they both transformed into there favorite story book creature like Ryder turned into a blue dragon of course a baby one then Ben turned into a fire fairy they both were baby versions "daddy why are we baby versions while your an adult" "that's because as you grow up your forms will grow with you like take me for an example I was half the height of a fully aged wolf " klover said as he turned back then Ben and Ryder followed "oh now I get it dad" Ben said with a lisp " I never noticed how your horns grown Ben and same with your tail and ears Ryde they look adorable "klover said as he rustle both there hairs "look I got to go talk to the king I love you both" klover said as he kisses both of them and hugs them then leaves as Ryder and Ben walk they see kids there own age and try to talk and play with them "mister so you want to play" Ben said but the kid still doesn't realize them "mister do you want to play" Ryder said then the boy noticed and saw the two boys but pretended to just noticed them as he was faking not hearing them "why would I play with you kids your babies" "your a baby to" "well at least I don't look like I play with toys still" "mister kid why are you such a bully" Ben said as he was pushed down into some mud then Ryder quickly wanted to make sure he was ok "are you ok brother " "hmm....yes" Ben said as he clenched his back then he noticed David running towards them "stop messing with my brothers" "oh and what you going to do " the bully said as he tries to punch David but fails as David catches his arm and twists it until he hears a crack then the boy cried and ran to what looked to be his mother "you shouldn't be messing with that boy ryder and Ben" David said as he helps picks Ben up "why was he mean brother" "I asked someone and everyone says he's a village bully and also popular a lot of people who want to get notice hang around him so don't go near him " "ok brother " "i don't want you two to get hurt I love you guys ok" David said as he hugs both of them stopping Ben from crying and David also kisses Ben and Ryder on the forehead
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