Raging Love Chapter 76

76 A Fight Between Parents

As the bully told his mom everything she quickly but surely went close to David Ben and Ryder but not in a good or sorrowful way she up and slapped David on the cheek then as she was going to smack Ben and Ryder klover appeared and catches her arm then she immediately pulls out angrily "who the actual hell do you think you are you bastards" "now now little las smacking a young child is against the law so if I were you I would talk with me before doing what you just did" "why should I husband is a guard and he can get me out in and instant and why should I answer to you" bully's mom said as she snapped when she said instant "Dad we didn't mean to do anything he started it" ryder said "what do you mean started it " "me and big brother were just going to ask if we can play with him and he pushed big brother" "how about you stop your lying you cat ears that horned freak pushed my son" "I see miss that you care much for your son but my sons is no lier" "do you know who I am!" "No and I don't frankly care to know as if you don't get your face out of hear I'll have you executed and also do you know who your talking to" "oh ya who" "I'm king klover and my ice kingdom owns you " klover said then the girl looked scared and bowed and said she's and offered some money and klover took it then she quickly summoned her son who still had red eyes from crying "momma are they being arrested " "apologize""why mama" "don't you know who he is" "no" "he is king klover he may not have a kingdom anymore but he could still very much give a order to have everything we own Took in away" the mom said as the bully realized he owned the village and so he fell to the ground but with pain and said "I'm sorry for my actions" he said crying a bit from the pain then klover took his hand and pupped it back it and he screamed so load he might as well become a wake up call for the village "there luckily I only taught my son to only dislocate not break" klover said as the boy look at his arm and surprised it didn't hurt anymore "thank you " he said as he left and so did the mom "next time be careful ok" "ok dad" David ryder and Ben said at the same time while klover looked at bens leg and picked him up "oh dad I want to get picked up" ryder said as he grabbed klovers clothes the he put Ben at his back hanging by klovers neck and he picked up David and put him on his back as well and David was surprised then he picked Ryder up and left to there new home
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