Raging Love Chapter 79

79 A Loving Of A Father And Can I Do That And His Birthday

As they were asleep ryder is the first to wake up and realized soon will be his dads birth he'll be turning 18 next month so ryder quickly but Surely wake his mom and his brothers up " what is it ryder did you have a nightmare or are you hungry " Casey said picking him up and outing him on her lap and breast fed Ryder and only David felt awkward in all this then when Ryder unlatched he swallowed and tried to talk "next month is dads birthday " as Ryder said Casey was surprised he even knew his dads birthday as it's only been a year since he entered there family "oh crud it is almost your dads birthday and it's also almost David's birthday to" "really" ryder said surprised "ya my birthday is a week before dads" David said "oh then we need to plan yours to but in secret" ryder said as he taps Casey to go to a secret place Casey tapped Ben to follow and he did but he was still fascinated at what Casey did to Ryder as his mom never done that so quickly grabbed onto her leg "miss Casey" "you know you don't have to call me miss you can call me anything right and ya what's up" Casey said as she looked at Ben "what was it that you did to ryder"Ben said but Casey had been quiet awkward when he asked that question as he hadn't been breast fed before "it's called bre...boob feeding it basically gives him protective over sickness" "why didn't my mom do that because I always got sick" "I don't know" Casey said awkwardly "can I do what ryder said " Ben said as everyone stood still and looked awkward except Ben "yo...you have to ask your dad " "ok" Ben said as they enter a closet and start to discuss the birthday plan as they finished up talking they leave the room Ben of course went to see if his father was awake so he quickly ran opened the door and jumped on his dads chest waking him up almost instantly "ow! What why did you do that Ben" klover said has Ben went near his face and hugged his neck "daddy can step mom boob feed me" Ben said as klover looked todaly awkward and thinking what his mom would say she would say 'just do it it gives him a shield against sickness so why not' but then again Amy hated Casey "sure why not " klover said as Ben was excised and kissed his dad on the forehead "thank you daddy I love bye bye" "I love you to and bye" klover said as he went back to sleep and Ben left the room
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