Raging Love Chapter 8

8 Path Of The Soulless And The Bodyless


"So it says here that the soulless are what they say their soulless are walking corpse that were alive but they didn't die of anything they were cursed and there should were forced away there main purpose in life is to find there soul they would even kill to find it they are also the exact opposite of the bodyless they are the soul of the soulless they are usually wondering the area where the person was trying to find it's body but when they find there souls and body they usually die a couple of months after because they lose the will to live since they already found there soul and body damn that is sad" Klover said saddened "well I mean m'lord you did forget one part usually after before they died they usually basically have a normal but short life Because the soulless have no soul they also don't age so it usually matters if it was 1 or maybe 3 day's going as a soulless then they don't die but if they go more than that there body becomes hungry or ages but not phisicaly they soul ages and the soul controls their mind and if the lost soul age to much they already know what age they are so they die when they reconnect either a few weeks or a few months after it can't be anyless and usually you can't tell who's soulless but then again you also can by looking at there eyes usually people with souls have life and a spark in there eyes but soulless are like slaves to there mission and they look lifeless and empty and if there are rare and when I say rare I mean rare of them killing people" maid 1# said dully "you know I heard a saying it starts like this 'beware of of the soulless and the bodyless or they may bring you to your maker' it was pretty scary I couldn't remember the rest" Klover said
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