Raging Love Chapter 80

80 The Resurrection Or The Disillusioned

As the sun rises and Everyone else is still asleep until klover was tapped by someone klover kept on knocking the hand off until he heard the voice of the person "wake up honey bun klover" then as he opened his eyes in surprise he saw her face he though it's can't be her she died ' he quickly sat up and watch as she sat next to him "Rebecca? How is this possible your....your dead" klover said as he looked up and down the girls face "honey it's me " "NO NO IT ISN'T!...my mind is just playing tricks with me you aren't real " klover said as he raised his voice a little and Rebecca frowned "its those dam illusions again the ones I had when you died you aren't Real your just in my imagination" klover said then realized David woke up and saw the figure right there and he was surprised "mommy your alive but dad said you are dead" "I'm well alive see" Rebecca said as she tries to pat his head but goes though then everyone else awoke questioning who is she "honey who is she" Casey said "this is Rebecca but if you guys can see her then that means she isn't a illusion " "honey? I'm his fiancée" "look Rebecca a lot of time has passed" "what do you mean" "when you....died after one year of grieving I got engaged to Amy but she died and this is our son and that girl is Casey we sorta had two marriages and this one here is our son" klover said as he pointed to Casey Ryder and Ben "oh I'm so sorry about your mothers death it must be hard " Rebecca said trying to hug ben "it's ok I at least have daddy" "ya your dad is a nice one isn't he" "yes he's the best and he's cool" Ben said while smiling then Rebecca smiled back "wait how is this possible I know I died" "ya maybe it's because of my power and this area as we've been here before when we were kids " klover said "ya" Rebecca said worried "I want to stay here with you guys I miss you klover and my son " "me to I miss you" klover said as Rebecca started to date but David tried to stop it but failed then David cried
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