Raging Love Chapter 82

82 Announcement About The Mangatoon Version


As you either know or don't know the manga toon version of this story has finally update but I'm going to change the story because of how far i'am so instead of Ryder being from destruction David being from fire and Ben from wind they will all stick to one mom Rebecca but for this new story there is always the 2nd path of like what path should I take like if you watched or read it like in the wizard of oz were she must follow the yellow brick road but basically what I'm saying is that in this version Amy won't have married klover and died and Casey won't have married klover but I'm thinking of either killing her off or she comes in as a character but the one that has the most change is red as in the mangtoon version he will be dead and klover couldn't save him the new story is called raging heart and like I said it's on mangatoons thanks I'll try to balance uploads but I most likely will be pausing on mangatoons for now I will probably change it back to raging love but alternate reality oh and if you didn't know the plot is klover is trying to become strong and defeat his brother so by the time he's strong and able to defeat his brother the story won't end any time soon oh and forgot to mention thank you all my lively or lovely viewers and have a happy thanksgiving or what ever you celebrate oh ya the thanks giving chapter is still going on David's birthday Is a day before thanksgiving while klover is birthday is on thanksgiving and if my books come long enough for comments I'll do a event every one 1 month a week we're one out of I don't know how many people like this book but anyway I'll make a character and chapter all about the adventures of klover and that character it will start with 2 people next week before thanksgiving on November 27 or just before thanksgiving well again thanks l
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