Raging Love Chapter 9

9 Hours Of Sadness

"master Klover the general has commanded you to go to the ultra kingdom" maid said with worry" he he serious he knows that's like a death zone for me right know what fine when will I set off" Klover said with sass " in 2 hours my Lord you will also go to a nice resort for 2 days and you will be staying in the fire kingdom for 2 days and remember it's not actually a fiery hell of fire it's just red to stand for the name fire kingdom even though it's not actually called that by it's residents" maid said with smartness "what in 2 hours but the carage to there will be at least 2 hours especially with it being winter know what I'm not going to even try well if you already have my stuff put me in the fastest route please

~ fire kingdom~

"Rebecca the prince will be coming aren't you happy to see your son's father after a long time plus it has hell because the young boy had not seen his dad since he was one or the princes has not seen his son since your son was 1 either plus it has been 2 years and your son is 2 years old and I know you still think it is gross that two people a prince and a princess must make a baby when there 13 but rules are rules and when he comes we must apologize since we tricked him last time we must not make that same mistake again if we do we might lose David's dad forever" king Tod said with wisdom "I know dad I love my son and Klover to much to let that happen again and plus we know why he is coming today the general already knows and he also knows I will do anything to gain my love back and to let my son see his dad and reveal that they are related to both of them and if I have to die for them to live together I so gladly will" Rebecca said while holding her son "sister who are you talking about" David said not knowing there talking about him "nobody little brother" Rebecca said while smiling

~ 2 hours later while at the castle of the fire kingdom~

"i-im the prince of the ice kingdom knowingly also know as ice" Klover said scarcely "ok Milord come on in the king has told us to tell you that you will be staying here instead of the resort he also told you to go talk to the princess she has something important to talk to you about-"the gaurd said before he was cut off "what does she want she was the one who said she was using me and punched me- " klover said before also getting cut off "the king knew you would say that so he had told me to tell you that PRINCE DAVID will be there"gaurd said "it's that important fine then and here I was hoping to get some candy shake ale I guess I'll be off"Klover said before the guard opened the door

~two hours of walking up and down and right and left some stairs and halls~

"of all 12 gods I remember hating having to go to this castle because of its size" Klover said before finally finding the room that had held David and Rebecca in he came in and hugged David after 2 years "oh so what is so important that you had me walking up the stairs" Klover said while pissed understandly "Klover I should have said this a long time ago and I know you won't accept my apologies but I'm sorry and I love you"Rebecca said with sorrow "is that all you wanted to say well thank you for wasting my time-klover said while pissed and he had been cut off again" not that's not just it the thing I wanted to say is really important" Rebecca said"sister I'm hungry" David said with a frown "I know David but can it wait this is important"Rebecca said while David noded "ok continue" Klover said pissed said" klover you remember when I said after the that thing when we were 13 how I said I wasn't pregnant i-i lied about not being pregnant" Rebecca said " of course I remember that that's also when you had puched me and broke off our engagement what do you mean by you lied" Klover said "and David don't you remember a couple of weeks ago when you said that dad was feeling more of a grandfather than a day "Rebecca said "yes "David said while hungry "Klover I lied about not being pregnant you see I had a beautiful baby boy" Rebecca said while nervous" what are you getting at and if you did where is he" Klover said nervous to "Klover look at David and yourself can't you see any resemblance and David the same" Rebecca said while nervous still and also while she handed both of them two mirror one that is not big for David and a big mirror for Klover "ok but I don't know what you are talking about Rebecca" "ok sis" both of them said differently "look close the both of you please" Rebecca said nervous" can't you just tell us" Klover said " ya sis" David said" I can't it is to hard to say in words please just look closer " I don't know what you are talking about- wait that can't be only why do you have a little bit of the same color eyes as I do" Klover said "ya"David said "because Klover David is your son and David Klover is you dad and I am your mom not your sister" Rebecca said while David is trembling then leaves "David no don't go " Rebecca said while in pain for what she had done "hmmm... I can't believe I was so blind how could I have not known "Klover said nervous" why did he react like that" Rebecca said "what do you expect he had 2 years in believing you were his sister and the news you told him changed everything he saw if I was in his shoes I would react the same" Klover said fiercely"I'm sorry " Rebecca said with sadness " you shouldn't be apologizing to me it should be him you should be apologizing to"Klover said

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