Raging Love Chapter 92

92 Marriage To A Friend And The Love

3 years later

As the years past by Arthur still misses his family and is wondering are they looking for them as he feels a tug from his side he sees a young girl blonde long hair same age and he thought that same girl is his friend "Kat what do you need" "oh come on stop being so mean" "well I'm tired" "well my father and mother wants to talk with you" kat said as she said that Arthur looked more surprised as he read the history of this place her father is a king in this medium sized kingdom and that this is the only kingdom that allows slavery "what does your dad want with me I follow orders" "that's not it just come Arthur" "ok" as Arthur said kat grabs his hand and pulls him to a room that originally he wasn't allowed in so he stopped then kat signaled him it's ok and as he remembers what have happened before


As klovers first day klover enters a room because he heard from a guard he was needed as he enters the room he felt a deep pain coming from his back as he looked at his back he saw a small knife sticking into him then as he looks forward he looks at a young girl then another sharp pain came and it was from the master then from all the pain he received he cried and wailed then as he received another smack he stopped screaming but still cried "you stupid bastard of a kid your not supposed to be in my study get the hell out " ash said "b-but a servant told me to come here" "I don't care if a servant told you to come you knock then if you hear me say yes come in you then enter that is called common sense " "I'm s-s-sorry" "Lea-" ash said as he looks down and sees a little girl about Arthur's age tugging on his shirt then she whispered something in his hand ear "because of my daughter being bored and not having a playmate you can stay with her since your the only one her age " ash said as the girl takes Arthur's hand but not before ash whisperers something "if you so much as hurt her I'll cut of your privates and feed them to the dogs or you can lose an arm or anything if it's severe or your life" ash said but then the girl punches his face with all her might then he leaves

for visiting.

As Arthur is still dazed he's tugged on again and he resentfully follows and sees lord ash with his newborn son as Arthur looks he bows then is tugged to get up "m-my lord you wanted me " "I'm going to give you two choice do you want it strait forward or told little by little pick you got 15 seconds" ash said as he started to count "um-um I guess strait forward" "well I was kinda hoping the second option you would choose but I guess I could give you a sorta long strait forward answer " "o-ok" "you and my daughter must be married and soon enough have kids" ash said then Arthur looked stupefied "a-a-are you serious" "yes you and my daughter shall be married next month and the only reason I chose you because my daughter loves you " "w-wait kat likes me!" "Wait you didn't know she's been all kissy and one time she even kissed you good night" ash said "she did WHAT!" Arthur said blushing "ya she kissed you so will you take it or not there are other young boys in this house but my daughter would probably less willing but I do need a heir" "YES! I'll do it"Arthur said loudly then kat internally yelled and Arthur looked and just noticed her behind him "you'll marry me" kat said "yes I-I also love you" Arthur said awkwardly "yay so let's get the stuff done" kat said as she dragged Arthur out of the room

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