Raging Love Chapter 94

94 Planning A Wedding


As the door of the studies slam open then closed arthur looked to see and there she was as pretty as ever with her shiny blue eyes and Snow White skin and blonde as the sun silky hair with pink lips and a skinny and tall body "k-kat you look beautiful" "really I look beautiful" kat said blushing "y-ya you look like a snow elf from the glassy mountain" "uh thanks you" kat said blushing she runs and hugs Arthur and kisses him then as she stops she takes Arthur hand and pulls him to a chair and some papers and as Arthur sits down he reads the paper it's all about the wedding "this is the stuff for the wedding you choose honey" "are you sure honey" "ya I don't know crap about weddings " "ok we'll let's see area how about the glassy mountains flower types blue roses galaxy roses or mountain night Lilly's you should choose this one plus it will be our special day" "really let's see" as Kate said excited she looks at the night mountain Lilly's then she looked at the day and the other flowers "I say the night mountain Lilly's as the wedding shall last until night and the site of the flower opening would be beautiful" kat said wowed "ok then cake type hmm..this is so hard they all look so good" "if they look good then how about all of them" "ok then nine cakes we shall have and dressed white as sun dresses or night dresses" " oh oh oh the first choice night dresses for everyone they all look so beautiful " "ok now that's it now we got to wait until the wedding day oh wait hey my finger was covering a question what music do you want? What type of question is this?" Arthur said uncovering it "that's a good question obviously rock" "hey remember we're in the medieval times they don't have rock yet that's in 1990s" "oh ya then classical " "ok"
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