Raging Love Chapter 98

98 Injured And Figures And Papers

As Arthur push's open the door to the infirmary he puts Adam on a bed and as he looks for the doctor he finds her doing experiments then as he taps her he grabs her hand and takes her to Adam then as she sees Adam in a unconscious state she looks worried "my poor little nephew what happened who did this" "wait nephew!" "Ya" "he's your nephew" "ya that's why I pressured your dad to help him but what happened" "some bully started hitting him we got there sorta to late but before the bully can do any more harm I may have killed him" Arthur said worried then everyone went silent "ok I'll dead with that later you get it because he's probably dead" Vanya said laughing while everyone else was not "have a sense of humor" "ok fine! Aha" "ya aha"Arthur said as he said that Vanya started looking up and down and everywhere everyone felt very uncomfortable "his ribs look to be cracked he probably broke 50 or 40 bone and 1 internal organ has been punctured and his skull is a tiny bit fractured if you would have came in a tiny bit later my nephew would be dead" "thank the gods for saving him" "tell me arthur why are you so nice to him even in the village he grew up in hated him to his very bones" Vanya said then Arthur looked surprised "I guess it's because he's like a little brother to me and I care a lot about him and I don't want him to get hurt" "I guess your answer is just like Adams" "wait he said the same thing well I mean the big brother thing does give it away" "yes he loves you like his brother but deep in his heart your also like a dad and mother figure to him as unlike any of his parents or his siblings you cared about him and had made him stronger while his parents and sibling hated him I won't be here much longer but please take care of him" Vanya said as she surprised hugs Arthur "I know i will" "and I know deep inside your heart you think of him as a son but more out of your heart you think of him as your brother" "ok can I stay" "sure Arthur and your little fiancée can stay to just no kissing in the infirmary and this he may need some time to heal" "wait what I heal him" "w-why would you do that" "it's like you said deep inside of me I think of him as my son but more out of me I think of him as a brother and like a brother I want him to come home sooner but this time I will make sure he's safe" "hey maybe you should make it official and adopt him as your brother aha" Vanya said that then Arthur looks like he got an idea "I was joking" Vanya said but before she can say anything else Arthur's already gone "he isn't going to actually do it right" "he probably will knowing my Arthur plus he does care for him " "Well I'm happy for Adam he's going to have a family who loves him" "ya me to but I'm going to be happy for my nephew he's not only going to be his family he'll have someone to look up to
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Two hours later

"Dam we're is he"Vanya said then as a bam goes on the door slams open and Arthur comes in happy with what looks to be a copy of adoption papers then he gives it to kat "it's official he's my little brother" "that's awesome how could you get this done"Vanya said "well with a hour of asking lord ash he accepted when it seems I wouldn't give up then bam he allowed it and I signed paper work and it was easy" "well dang how about we celebrate then when he wakes up" "ok and do you want me to read the adoption papers for climax" "uh sure" "ok it says I my order of the church of Oder this child now is the legal son...of Arthur" Arthur said gulping "wait son I thought you said brother" "I must have had the papers wrong..well anyway can I continue to read" "sure"Vanya and kat said worried "the name of the child is Adam the last name is bright the age of the child is 2 almost turning 3 in two months address of parent village Lillian castle elf based village race of the child is elf living relatives aunt...ok that's it I can't wait to tell him well I mean skip the father and son part I'll get that fixed later but we're siblings" "ya I can't wait to see his face" "ya well Arthur I'm about to go I love you" kat said as she kisses Arthur "I love you to" Arthur said while blushing then kat leaves and Arthur sits down next to Adam
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