Raging Love Chapter 99

99 Announcement And A Wedding And It Doesnt Matter If Your Married To The Bosses Daughter And Family Surprised

As the winds blew across Arthur's face there he was awoken and as he started to stand he stood with pride and happy as today is the most important of day his wedding day and also the day he tells Adam and everyone else about the adoption as Arthur walks to the closet he opens it and looks at a pair of blue and white pants as he takes it he noticed his wedding clothes so to be safe he hid it in a secret corridor even ash and the servants didn't know about then as he puts away his pajamas he leaves as he gets closer to the kitchen someone pushes him against the wall as he looked up he saw his face the head butler "just because your marrying mistress Kate doesn't make you less of a peasant!" As he says that Arthur remembers everything he's done raging from beating Adam to beating jayden he lost his temper then he made his hand into some sort of magic hand dagger and unknowingly stabbed the butler through the chest then as he finally saw what he was doing he stopped and ran off with his hand bloody and ran unknowingly towards ash then as he bumped into him ash looked calm even though he saw the blood "i was just thinking about cutting the sleeves off anyway" "aren't you wondering" "what's there to wonder I already know it's the main butlers blood" "and you don't care" "of course I don't care I was looking for ways to get rid of him anyway it's just been..hard well anyway it's your wedding day you shouldn't worry about trash like him" "ok" Arthur said then ash takes out some food and gives it to him then he also takes out a paper and gives it to Arthur "it's the guest list" "ok thanks" Arthur said as ash leaves and Arthur heads to the kitchen but not before tearing his sleeve and stitching it to make it look like a short sleeve then as he enters he sees Adam and kat sitting and talking then as they noticed Arthur had sat next to Kat and Adam "big brother Kat said you wanted to talk" "no everything will all be announced at the after wedding party" "ok"


As Arthur is putting on his vest he immediately heads out but not before checking on Adam then as he finds him he sees that he isn't fully dressed "big brother in having trouble putting on my clothes can you help me" "ok" as Arthur said he goes towards Adam and helps him with his pants then as he finished buckling the pants he moved to his shirt and vest he buttons the shirt then buttons the two last buttons on the vest then he putted on his shoes and tied them "thank you brother" "your welcome alright remember your the flower boy" "wait why do I have to be the flower boy aren't there girls for that" Adam said arguing "well you like flowers right" "yes" "you like picking and throwing flowers to right" "y-yes" "well there's your answer" "ok I can do it" Adam said embarrassed then Arthur kneeled then put his hand at his chin and titled up "don't be embarrassed I bet you'll be the best" Arthur said then Adam smiled and without hesitation hugged Arthur and kissed his forehead then left but later coming back as he forgot the basket full of all types of petals then as Arthur heard the bells he immediately left and saw the path and as he walked down to the Arthur he saw everyone then as he stops at the alter he looks back and sees Adam and a few other young children throwing the flowers and and another child with the wings then he looks closely and there she was with her blond curled hair and her icy pale skin with a black shade of lipstick and a black dress fitting with flower designs and black glass high heals if it wasn't for kats childish personality she would look like a adult then as she stops at the alter next to the three bridesmaids the priest starts to talk "it is under the Guise sign of love that today these young people are here to marry now Kathryn do you to take Arthur to be your husband" "i do" "do you arthur accept" "I do" "if anyone has any type of no in this then I shall announce Arthur and Kathryn married" the priest said then as Arthur and kat give there's rings they kiss


As Arthur walks towards the stage Arthur bumps into two Familiar faces
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