Ranker's Return Chapter 12

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[A meadow wolf tribe orc has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

‘It is only going up by one now...’

“Slow. Too slow!!!”

Hyeonu was dissatisfied with the significantly slower leveling speed. It was because he had no reliable party members. If he had a warrior or magician with decent strength, then he would be able to enter deeper into the orc tribe and start hunting. Then Hyeonu heard the sound of something popping in his ears.


It sounded like a bomb exploding.

‘Magic?’ Hyeonu recalled Taeng and quickly found the epicenter of the sound. Not far from Hyeonu’s location, a magician was aiming his magic at the orcs alone.

“Is he alone?” Hyeonu was surprised to see another solo player for the first time since hunting in the northern area of the Black Forest. He nodded as he watched the magician fight. Hyeonu could see why this magician was hunting alone.

Fast and powerful—the magician class in Arena was tough. It wasn’t like the computer games of the past where clicking cast magic. No, it was manifestation. This person’s casting speed and power might be close to garbage, but it was possible to use him. The force emitted meant he had a pretty good control of magic power. It was even a match to Hyeonu’s standards. The magician was a low-level magician, but he could challenge himself to become a pro gamer. He could become a decent professional or even aim to be among the best.

‘I think it is okay to form a party...’

Still, Hyeonu was troubled. He wondered if he should invite the magician to a party or not. It would be quicker to hunt if he joined forces with this magician. Hunting within the tribe would become possible, so the speed would naturally increase too. They might have to share experience, but he could level up faster than he was doing now.

He thought for a while, but his actions were quick. Hyeonu ran toward the magician once the battle ended.


Mason, the magician who beat the meadow wolf orc alone, was stunned. After the battle with the orcs, he had sat down on the ground to recover his magic power. Then he heard the sound of footsteps on the ground.

Tadadada! An unidentified person had appeared. Mason naturally held out his wand. It was so he could express his magic at any time.

“Who is it? You!”

The appearance of the man was bizarre. The awful fashion sense was perfect for terrorizing Mason’s eyes.

‘OMG! This sense...’

In contrast to his bizarre appearance, the man suggested in a polite tone, “Do you want to form a party to hunt?”

“What party?” Mason was worried. Could he trust this mysterious man? What were the skills of the mysterious man?

‘If a PK criminal looked liked this, rumors about him would’ve already spread.’

Ultimately, his worries didn’t last long. After all, Mason himself had been feeling pressured while catching the orcs. “Okay. Let’s form a party.”

Hyeonu received Mason’s acceptance and held out a hand with a smile. “I am Gang Hyeonu.”

“I am Mason, a magician.”

It was the meeting of two players who would be remembered forever in Arena.


Park Junu—he was a member of the Black Skull Guild and had once been in charge of defending a dungeon for the upper management. Then he was defeated by Hyeonu while managing the dungeon and had his character forcefully deleted. However, the Black Skull Guild thought of his achievements and helped nurture Park Junu again.

A bus was created for Park Junu. Park Junu leveled up steadily. In the past, it took him three months to reach level 40. Now he had been on the bus for three days with two guild members who were over level 60. Park Junu gained 20 levels in three days.

“Junu, how is this bus? Do you feel a bit more secure?” Gain, one of the bus drivers, asked.

“Of course. It is the first time I’ve ever been on a bus like this.”

“Really?” Gain laughed at Park Junu’s words. Haha.

“Today’s hunting ground is the Meadow Orc Tribe in the north of the Black Forest. The goal is level 25,” another bus driver, Shan, recited the day’s schedule in a dull voice. No matter who looked at it, there was a strong sense of annoyance.

“Hey, Shan. It is something we have to do, so let’s have fun. Fun.”


Mason and Hyeonu’s hunt went smoothly. The synergy between the two of them was better than imagined.

Mason’s magic unleashed a preemptive strike. Once Mason gathered the orcs together through magic, Hyeonu moved to the front. Hyeonu fought while Mason’s magic once again bombarded the orcs. It was a repetition of the same pattern. Nevertheless, there was no time to get bored.

He could see his experience rising and his level going up. Hyeonu and Mason were literally sweeping through the Meadow Wolf Tribe.

[A meadow wolf tribe orc has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

‘I am now level 29. It was definitely a good decision to form a party.’

“Hyung, this is much faster than hunting alone.”

“Yes. I am already leveling up...”

“By the way, don’t you feel that the orcs spawn rate has slowed down? The orcs should be wandering around by this time...”

Hyeonu and Mason, who started calling each other brother while hunting, spoke in one voice. It was clear that the orcs’ regeneration had slowed down.


Park Junu and his group felt that the number of Meadow Wolf orcs was unusually low for a hunting ground where players didn’t frequent.

“Shan, there doesn’t seem to be many orcs today? It looks like another party has come here. Ah, really...”

“I agree. I think it will be hard to reach the goal today.” Shan looked at the orcs that weren’t seen as frequently. ‘One or two parties can’t clean them up at this speed...’

“It is too quiet for there to be many parties...”

“Now isn’t the time for this. Shouldn’t we catch some?”

Park Junu’s group entered the interior of the tribe where the orcs regenerated faster. Then they realized why the orcs’ regeneration was slow.


It was because of them. A party consisting of a magician and a warrior was slaughtering the orcs. Among them was a warrior Park Junu couldn’t forget.

‘That... S-Son of a bitch?!!’

Gang Hyeonu—he was the one who eliminated Park Junu’s character.


[A meadow wolf tribe orc has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“They spawn fast in the middle of the tribe.”

“My level is going up at this speed for the first time.”

Suddenly, three men appeared in front of Hyeonu and Mason. One of them was someone Hyeonu knew well. ‘Park Junu?’

“Did you get on a bus?” Hyeonu saw the black skull pattern on the chests of the other people and knew he was right. Then he started recording a video. It was just in case...

Mason felt anxious about those coming toward them and asked Hyeonu in a trembling voice, “Are they coming to us? They aren’t thinking about hurting us, right?”

Mason wasn’t as experienced as Hyeonu and was quite scared. No, he was young. He seemed like a child, and Hyeonu naturally took care of him like an older brother.

“No way, they shouldn’t do anything when wearing their guild marks. We just have to ask and see.”

Then a shout was heard from the incoming group, “You son of a bitch!”

It came from Park Junu. Hyeonu’s expression became strange at the sight. It was like he was seeing Park Junu for the first time. “Who are you? Do I know you?”

“Do you know me? Hey! You don’t know me? You made a delete character bet with me.”

“Delete character bet? Ahh, that small fry?” Hyeonu clapped like he only just remembered.

“Then what is this? Is there a problem?” Hyeonu’s tone changed at one point. Think about his previous appearance when he pretended not to remember Park Junu, and now Hyeonu was mocking Park Junu.

“You! You! Don’t you know that I’m not alone today? I have two fellow guild members with me! You are outstripped today.” Park Junu was already half-crazy, so Hyeonu’s provocation worked properly.

At this moment, Gain came forward. He restrained Park Junu as he was pulling out his sword. “Junu, stop. Act in moderation. There are limits to what can be endured.”

“Endured? Who? Haven’t I been enduring it?”

Hyeonu’s eyes were eerie. His eyes alone seemed like they could tear people apart.

‘That look is creepy.’ Park Junu met Hyeonu’s eyes and came to his senses.

Those were the eyes of a predator… a predator who saw him as prey. Even so, Park Junu didn’t give up. There were three people on his side and two on the other side. He would naturally have the advantage if it were a group duel.

‘The difference in level is also overwhelming because I have Gain and Shan.’ Park Junu cleared up his thoughts and decided to pay back the last account. “Shall we try it again?”

Hyeonu was dumbfounded by Park Junu’s words. Of course, half of it was because of his provocation, but he couldn’t help wondering how a person could be so stupid.

“I am ready at any time. I will win with one hand.”

“Hyung! What are you doing? Look at the two people over there who are over level 60,” Mason expressed his concerns, having gotten close with Hyeonu after several hours of hunting.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of all of them. Additionally, I will be the one dueling, so don’t join in. This is my job,” Hyeonu said, drawing a firm line for Mason. This was his job. He couldn’t let Mason be harmed.

Gain and Shan also rebuked Park Junu.

“Junu, do you have any thoughts right now?”

“I am busy hunting.”

“If you want to fight, then fight alone. I don’t care.”

"Is that so? Then I’ll report it to the top. Shan and Gain bowed down when they heard someone insulting the guild.” Park Junu smiled at the two of them. He was acting like he had no tomorrow. “Therefore, please follow my will. I’ll apologize later.”

Park Junu was blinded by thoughts of revenge on Hyeonu. ‘I’ll get rid of him this time.’

He wanted to make Hyeonu feel the impracticality of deleting a character.

“Let’s fight. How about the same rules as the other day? Aren’t you too flippant?” Park Junu said.

There was nothing strange about Hyeonu’s expression. Park Junu saw this expression and presumed that Hyeonu was scared of Gain and Shan.

[Player ‘Park Junu’ has applied for a duel.]

[Would you like to accept?]

Hyeonu agreed without hesitation.

“Kuhaha. Flippant? It is because you are too pathetic. Won’t you have to raise your character again after three days?”


“I’ll accept the reckless challenge.”

[Player ‘Park Junu’ has set the rules.]

“Reckless? Don’t talk nonsense like a dog. This bastard. Let’s see how long you can bluff.”

Park Junu moved his hand and set the rules.

[The rules set are ‘winner-takes-all’, ‘delete character’, and ‘captain battle’.]

The first two rules were the same as before. The new addition was the ‘captain battle.’ The rules of a captain battle were simple. Each team had a representative who would come out and fight. The winner would remain and face the next representative. This would be repeated until there were no more representatives left in one team.

[Would you like to accept?]

A notification window appeared in front of Hyeonu. Hyeonu’s hands never stopped moving.


In any case, this was a scenario he made. He didn’t know Park Junu, but he knew humans like Park Junu well.

‘I have to step on them two or three times to stop them from climbing anymore.’

[Please determine who will participate in the duel.]

“I will go out alone.”

“Shan, Gain, and Park Junu.”

[The number of participants who will participate in the duel have been determined.]

[Gang Hyeonu VS Park Junu, Shan, and Gain]

“This time I’ll make you shut up.”

“Didn’t I say that? It doesn’t matter how cool I am. I don’t think it is good to copy me.” Hyeonu’s words stabbed at Park Junu’s heart right till the end.

[Please set the order of each team.]

“The order will be Gain, Shan, and then me,” Park Junu informed Gain and Shan.

Gain and Shan’s expressions became very serious at Park Junu’s words.

Mason asked, “Hyung, is this really okay?”

“Don’t worry. This is enough,” Hyeonu gestured to Mason who was worried about him. Mason was sorry for not participating in the duel.

[The order for each team to fight has been set.]

[1st Showdown]

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ VS Player ‘Gain’]

The determined Gain and Gang Hyeonu stepped forward respectively. A dome-shaped sphere was created around them.

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