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Chapter 13

Mason’s mouth dropped open. Hyeonu’s fighting style was truly phenomenal. Mason knew that Hyeonu fought well but not to this extent. ‘Wow... Amazing.’

The duel with Gain ended immediately. Gain was defeated without even having touched his opponent. Hyeonu showed incomprehensible and bizarre movements, and every time, the number of wounds on Gain’s body increased. Eventually, he died of bleeding.

The duel with Hyeonu’s second opponent, Shan, was now underway. Still, it didn’t seem like it would last long. Hyeonu was literally ‘overwhelming’.

‘If this continues, Hyung will win.’

Mason could erase some of his regrets of not being courageous.


Shan was perplexed. He hadn’t thought too much until Gain was defeated by this man. It was natural. His equipment meant he wasn’t of a higher level than them. If Shan estimated highly, Hyeonu was probably around level 40. Therefore, Shan had boldly accepted Park Junu’s sloppy behavior. He thought they were going to win. At least, until Gain was sliced up.

‘Crazy... Where did such a person suddenly come from? I think he is stronger than the top management?’ Shan’s thoughts didn’t last long.

A message announcing the next showdown appeared in front of him.

[2nd Showdown]

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ VS Player ‘Shan’]

[The duel will start shortly.]

[5... 4... 3... 2... 1.]

[The duel has started.]

Hyeonu was bored. This duel was like an a.d.u.l.t playing with a kid. It was too one-sided. The duel was like this for the warrior called Gain and the same for the warrior called Shan. Hyeonu was using the lowest standard skills for warrior players in Arena. It only took this much skill, nothing more and nothing less.

‘I have to finish it quickly. The main act is separate.’

In fact, his reason for doing this was very simple. It was because a face emerged whenever he saw Park Junu. That guy—Hyeonu remembered that guy. His face, expressions, and actions—everything was similar. Therefore, Hyeonu became angrier.

Hyeonu walked forward with his longsword on his shoulder. Shan was nervous. He thought this posture might also be an attack.

Hyeonu opened his mouth, “It is a pity for you.”

“What does that mean?”

“What does that mean? Now your character will be deleted.”


Then Hyeonu wielded his sword in a terrifying manner. It seemed like the image of a giant bear appeared behind Hyeonu’s back. Shan struggled to stop Hyeonu’s attacks. It was because they had become faster and stronger.

‘What? Was there a hidden power?’

Shan’s thoughts ended there. He was killed by Hyeonu.

[You have won the second duel.]

[The duel will start shortly.]

Hyeonu checked the message in front of him and shouted at Park Junu, who was standing on the other side, “Do you know what will happen if you beg for mercy now? Perhaps you will get to live?”

Hyeonu was nagging to the end.


Park Junu’s hands trembled with anxiety. The level 40 Park Junu had suffered a disastrous defeat against Gang Hyeonu. How could the level 20 Park Junu win against Gang Hyeonu, who had improved even further?

‘What to do... What?!!’ He became more anxious as time passed by.

His entire body was trembling. Then as the atmosphere reached its peak, a clear voice rang out in the air.

[The last showdown.]

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ VS Player ‘Park Junu’]

[The duel will start shortly.]

[5... 4... 3... 2... 1.]

[The duel has started.]

As he looked at Park Junu, Hyeonu felt puzzled and didn’t even pull out his sword. It didn’t seem necessary.

‘What is this? Is this a strategy?’ Park Junu was shaking all over. His face was pale like he had seen a ghost, and it wouldn’t be strange if he collapsed.

[Player ‘Park Junu’ is in a ‘berserk’ state.]

At that moment, Park Junu became crazy. He screamed and ran toward Hyeonu. Park Junu’s appearance was like a moth jumping into flames. “Haap!”

Even so, moths were moths. Hyeonu burned Park Junu using his overwhelming stats. He couldn’t lose against an opponent who had lost his sense of reason. This was Gang Hyeonu, not anyone else. There was no way for him to feel pressured. He couldn’t be frightened and beaten by a madman wielding a knife.

“Gang...” There was a short shout before Park Junu’s character was deleted again.

[You have won the duel.]

[The rewards will be paid in accordance to the rule of ‘winner-takes-all’.]

‘Three this time. I can’t believe they came and gave me their inventories...’

“I swallowed a land’s worth.”

Mason confirmed that the duel was over and rushed toward Hyeonu. Hyeonu waved and spoke to Mason.

However, he also muttered something in such a low voice that Mason couldn’t hear, “Reverse Summoning.”


The party hunt with Mason continued after the duel with Park Junu, only ending once Hyeonu was level 31 and Mason was level 40.

“Thanks to Hyung, I feel like I've been hunting for just a bit today.”

[Player ‘Justin Mason’ has requested to become friends.]

“Can we hunt together next time?”

Hyeonu liked Mason too. They only spent a short time together, but he fully understood that this person had excellent magic skills and a good heart.

‘There are few pure kids like this. Moreover, there are no good kids with such skills.’


“Then let’s hunt together next time.”

Then Mason disappeared. It was likely that he had returned to Aslan after he tore a return scroll.

“Now I will clear the quest.”

Hyeonu was left alone and turned away. There was still work to be done here.


Normally, boss monsters appeared randomly in the field. That’s why Hyeonu scoured through the Meadow Wolf Tribe. However, he didn’t see Dakan.

“Where is he? What the hell?!”

It wasn’t possible that Dakan had been hunted. The minimum hunting party was six people for a boss monster. Hyeonu noted that Dakan’s regeneration time was 12 hours. In other words, it was half a day. He had been in the tribe for 12 hours, and they had definitely been the only ones hunting here.

“Master dude. Let’s take a break. I can’t walk because it’s hard.”

“Yes, we will take a short break.”

Hyeonu was exhausted because the invisible Dakan hadn’t emerged. With the desire to rest safely, Hyeonu pushed open the door to a nearby wooden house. Then a message appeared in front of Hyeonu, [Would you like to enter the residence of Dakan, fighter of the Meadows?]

‘Instance dungeon?’

Originally, normal boss monsters didn’t appear in instance dungeons. They appeared randomly in the field. Yet Dakan’s residence was an instance dungeon. This was due to Hyeonu’s quest.

“I will.”

Hyeonu disappeared, and the tree house vanished like it had never been there.


[You have entered the residence of Fighter Dakan.]

The moment Hyeonu entered the instancet dungeon, he was welcomed by the same forest and a huge muscular figure that was almost two meters tall.

“What is a human doing here?”

‘This is Dakan?’

“Dakan?” Hyeonu stared blankly at the giant in front of him.

It was a lot different from what he thought. The appearance and the feeling—everything was different. This was a pure monster. He couldn’t fight this guy at level 31.

“I asked you why you are here.”

“I’m here to see Raccoon.” Hyeonu showed off Cancun’s bone necklace.

“Isn’t that Cancun’s necklace? That Cancun... I’m grateful you have brought the necklace. You can go.”

“I’ll give it to Raccoon myself.”

Hyeonu’s words caused a terrifying pressure to erupt from Dakan.

“I told you to leave.”

“That isn’t possible.”

However, Hyeonu was also formidable. He skillfully drained Dakan’s momentum. Suddenly, Dakan laughed and released his pressure again. “That spirit, I acknowledge it. However, you need a minimum amount of force to see the chief. This is a test for you.”

[A quest has been created.]

[Dakan’s Acknowledgement]

[You need Dakan’s acknowledgment in order to meet Raccoon. Compete against Dakan and gain his acknowledgment.

Rating: D+

Conditions: Dakan’s Acknowledgement 0/1

Rewards: Dakan’s liking, Dakan’s necklace.]

‘Won’t the rewards be excellent?’

Hyeonu had shrunk back at the difficulty of the quest, but he soon recovered due to the generous rewards.

‘The necklace will have a minimum of a rare rating.’

If the reward were a bit better, it could be unique.

“Then let’s start.”

Dakan’s trial began.


Dakan was strong. He was the strongest being Hyeonu had faced since returning to Arena. Dakan was perfect. Power, knowledge, and technique—there was nothing lacking.

‘This... Isn’t it hard?’

Dakan must be a boss monster of at least level 150. He was simply a monster. If Dakan was like this, Hyeonu didn’t know what Raccoon would be like.

‘Level 30? I won’t even be able to raise my chin. I can’t fight him unless I am level 200 with some unique items.’

“Still, I should at least hit him once.”

Hyeonu pulled out his longsword and pushed off from the ground.


“Is it already over? It isn’t enough to meet the chief,” Dakan said to Hyeonu, who had jumped back.

‘It is overwhelming. As expected, control doesn’t make up for everything.

“No. There is still one thing remaining. Summoning.”

A small magic circle was formed next to Hyeonu. Taeng was summoned.

“Master dude, why did you call me now? I really thought you were going to die,” Taeng poured out rapid-fire words the moment that he was summoned.

“Huh? Aren’t you the troublemaker of Bung Bung Island?”

Dakan knew Taeng.

“Eh? Uncle?”

“There is a person who is your master?”

“This human is my master dude.” Hyeonu felt that Taeng’s words were somewhat strange, but now wasn’t the time to focus on that. “By the way, what is Master dude doing with him? Are you fighting?”

“It is more like taking a test than fighting. I need to meet a certain standard to meet Raccoon.”

“Ah! That old man? Um... You can do it. It is enough. Then I won’t get involved. I will stand back and give you magic, Master dude.” Taeng buffed Hyeonu and fell behind.

[You have received Bear's Momentum.]

[Physique has increased.]

[Strength has increased.]

[You have received the Forest's Blessing.]

[Defense has increased.]

[Health will continue to recover.]

Hyeonu felt power fill his body. It felt like he could do anything.

‘How good would it be to feel like this all the time?’

“This is my best.”

Hyeonu rushed back to Dakan.


In the end, Hyeonu was defeated. However, it was an opponent he couldn’t win against in the first place, so he didn’t feel ashamed.

“Wah! I’m dying, Taeng.”

“Master dude is in a terrible state. Still, I think you fought well against Uncle.” Taeng approached the fallen Hyeonu and used a buff.

It was for Hyeonu to regain health and physique.

“This is enough. Well, I don’t have to worry with that kid here.”

[You have cleared Dakan’s Acknowledgement.]

[You have obtained Dakan’s liking.]

[You have obtained Dakan’s Necklace.]

[After a while, Raccoon will appear.]

Hyeonu shoved the necklace into his inventory after seeing the message that Raccoon would appear. He had no thoughts about checking the item information now. It was because the approaching energy made his entire body go numb.


Hyeonu’s first impression of Raccoon was intense. Raccoon was at least 250 centimeters tall with muscles densely compressed all over his body. The momentum flowing from him was explosive. He was so dignified that people couldn’t look at him for long.

At this moment, Hyeonu understood it. Why did Dakan ask Hyeonu to take the test? If Dakan was like an Americano, then Raccoon was an espresso. No, he was like the coffee beans themselves. It was this type of difference between Dakan and Raccoon.

“You are this kid’s master?” Raccoon asked.

“Yes. I’m his master.”

“Really? Then what brings you here?” Raccoon asked like he hadn’t already heard anything from Dakan.

“I’m here to deliver a necklace.” Hyeonu pulled the necklace out of his inventory. Taeng saw the bone necklace in Hyeonu’s hand and disappeared despite Hyeonu not releasing his summoning.

“It is Cancun’s bone necklace.”

“Who? Who is it?” Raccoon asked like he heard wrong.

“Cancun. It is Cancun.”

Raccoon’s face reddened after hearing Hyeonu’s confirmation. “Cancun!!!!!!!”

The ground shook, and Raccoon’s mad roar filled the sky. Raccoon kept making an uproar. He didn’t seem tired at all despite using magic power like this. “Dakan!!! Cancun, you son of a bitch. Come back!!”

“Brother, stop it. He disliked it so much that he hid the necklace and ran away. Additionally, if Cancun is a son of a bitch, then Brother would be hit as well.”

The entire quest situation was summed up simply...

Cancun had fled. To be precise, Raccoon’s training was so terrible that he ran away. This bone necklace was something Raccoon had given to Cancun. It was a necklace he got from the great shaman of the Volcanic Wolf Tribe that could be summoned and tracked with a matching necklace. The problem was that Taeng had removed it. That’s why Taeng ran away when he noticed the necklace.

“I’m sorry. I looked ugly in front of you. That son of a...”

“Let’s give the compensation for bringing the necklace.”

[You have cleared Heir to the Meadow Wolf Tribe.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

The amount of experience was enormous, worthy of a D+ ranked quest. Hyeonu leveled up straight away despite just gaining a level.

‘It is a good amount of experience. By the way, he didn’t give me a skill...?’

Hyeonu shook his head when he noticed that he didn’t receive a message about gaining a skill.

“I will give you a choice. There are two options. One is a technique that is useful immediately and the other is a late blooming technique. Choose.” Raccoon gave Hyeonu a choice. It was up to Hyeonu what skill to receive. Hyeonu immediately struggled between instant power and the future.

A late blooming technique? The growth was slow right now. Instant power? It was fast, but that was all. This was a really difficult choice. Hyeonu soon made a decision. “I will choose...”

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