Ranker's Return Chapter 15

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[Symbol of the Meadow]

[-A badge given by Fighter Daken to anyone who shows phenomenal skills. Contains the unique fighting energy of the Meadow Wolf Tribe.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: Acknowledged by Dakan.

Effect: Strength +100, Physique +50, fighting energy is generated when worn.

Fighting Energy: All stats increase when you enter combat. Additional stats will be given when fighting strong opponents. The opponent’s stats will decrease when fighting against a weaker opponent. Remaining stat points can’t be added to it.]

“Kiaaaah!!!” Hyeonu opened his mouth and cheered. The eyes of the many people in the auction house were drawn to Hyeonu. Hyeonu didn’t care about them though. No, he couldn’t care about them. A unique necklace following a unique skill...

Additionally, there was the effect of generating a special stat. He was happy with the successive jackpots.

“Look at him. Isn’t it him?”

“It seems like it? The traffic light.”

“There are rumors that he is crazy. They are right.”

“Wasn’t he fine in the video?”

People all over the auction house were smiling at Hyeonu.

“I want to go crazy if I could get that much control.”

“Me too. Wow, did you see it? Stabbing, avoiding, and then... I wet my pants a bit. Truly.”

People talked about Hyeonu’s video. Hyeonu had fantastic moves. They were treasures that anyone who played Arena wanted to have at least once.

“Should I take a photo and put it up?”

“Hey, take a shot quickly. Quickly.”

In one corner of the auction house, people were giggling when they saw Hyeonu. There were those who wanted to post photos of him to the Arena communities. Hyeonu was doing unintended publicity. It was also publicity that would have a remarkable effect.


Hyeonu’s joy continued. It was due to the message that all of Hyeonu’s items in the auction house had been sold. “5,100 gold.”

He had 5,100 gold and 5,000 gold was a reasonable price for a level 30 unique weapon. There were many weapons, but they weren’t at an appropriate level. However, there was something Hyeonu didn’t know. Currently, Hyeonu had two unique items and the Symbol of the Meadow. His strength and physique stats were very different from a typical level 30 player. Compared to other players, he was similar to a level 60 warrior. Hyeonu prioritized certain things before searching for them.

‘The first priority is unconditional damage.’

The defense penetrating option didn’t hold much merit for Hyeonu, particularly those attached to low-level items. However, 5,000 gold was too shabby to buy items similar to the unique items Hyeonu currently had. Unique items with such options cost at least a few hundred thousand gold.

This was equivalent to billions in real-life cash. Stat generation and stat conversion—they were effects with that much value.


Hyeonu scoured the items listed in the unified auction house for a long time before finding something. The price was just right at 5,000 gold. Hyeonu purchased it immediately without worrying too much. It would be a loss if anyone else bought it first.

[Dwarf’s Sword]

[-Made by the Golden Hammer dwarves, said to be the best among the dwarves. It hasn’t been magically processed, but is a treasure in itself.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: More than 200 strength, 150 physique.

Durability: 1500/1500

Attack: 700

Effect: The durability won’t wear out easily.]

The equipment effects were exceedingly simple. The damage was just ridiculously high. There were no other options. Therefore, the price was very low. Other people wouldn’t have a defense penetrating skill like Hyeonu. Therefore, they desperately wanted a defense penetration option. Such items didn’t have a low price.

“I think I got it for a very cheap price.”

Hyeonu was satisfied.

‘I don’t know who sold it, but I’ll use it well.’

The 5,000 gold meant it was an item to be desired. No, the 5,000 gold made it a bargain. It might not have the defense penetration option, but it was a weapon worth at least 10,000 gold.

‘If I sell it later, won’t I get 5,000 gold profit?’

Hyeonu might’ve used all the gold he had earned, but he could happily leave the unified auction house after buying the weapon.


After Hyeonu left the unified auction house, there was a commotion in one side of the unified auction house.

“Shiiiiit!!! Where did it go?”

Cheron, master of the Black Skull Guild, normally used the integrated auction house when paying the upper ranks. For example, Item A had a real price of less than 3 gold. However, a top player would raise the price to 1,000 gold, and he would buy it. This time, many coincidences overlapped, and the unique weapon he needed was used as a kickback.

Obviously, there were no major problems. This was because immediate feedback was possible through whispers. The problem occurred after it was placed on the auction house. Someone used the gap to snatch Cheron’s sword. Cheron’s anger soared all the way to the top.

‘How did that person get it...’

“Find the person who bought it right now! Right now!” Cheron yelled angrily.

He needed a target to vent his anger.


Hyeonu did a final check before leaving for the next hunting ground. His stats had changed due to the item changing. He needed to know his exact condition.

“Status Window.”

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 32

Class: Warrior

Title: Warrior Acknowledged by Khan.

Stats: Strength: 65 (+153) Agility: 70 (+43) Physique: 50 (+100) Magic Power: 40 Fighting Energy: 0 (+50)

Remaining stat points: 0]

“Good. It is much better than the previous time I checked at level 32.”

Hyeonu was satisfied with his current condition. It only took him one week to reach this point. He also had three unique items, of which he had only bought one.

‘I have one unique skill and one rare one.’

“Do I still have too few skills?”

The quality of the skills were good, but the number was too small. Now that his magic power stats were low, it would be hard to use a magic power unless there was a correction skill.

‘I need more skills...’

“Yes, I’ll clear it now.”

Hyeonu decided to clear the quest he received from Khan. The skill given by Lebron, hailed as the best knight of the empire, definitely wouldn’t be ordinary

“Then I’m going.”

‘How much is the system’s return scroll?’


Upon arriving in Yusma, Hyeonu immediately moved to a huge mansion. The mansion was bustling with all types of people. Some of them were NPCs associated with the mansion. The rest were players trying to progress on quests related to the mansion.

Hyeonu proudly headed to the entrance of the mansion. Of course, a guard NPC blocked Hyeonu’s way.

“I was recommended by Khan.” Hyeonu showed the gold coin to the guard.

The guard examined it closely before responding politely to Hyeonu, “If you go to the tourney hall over there, the duke will be present.”

Hyeonu quickly moved to where the guard pointed. The moment that Hyeonu left, the scouts hiding everywhere started to work.

“A person meeting the duke has been encountered.”

“Discovered a suspect doing the main scenario.”

“Found someone suspicious.”

They communicated the situation using their own code. Yet their goal was all the same—to pass on the message that a player had appeared to meet with Lebron.


Hyeonu showed the gold coin multiple times on his way to his destination. It was because every soldier Hyeonu met asked where he was going. They were being faithful to their duty, but he couldn’t help but be annoyed. How many times would he be stopped and have to show the coin? The NPCs were so blatant that the players couldn’t help noticing.

“I am that person’s colleague. Oh, show you what?”

“Please show the evidence. If you can’t show it, then you can’t go further.”

Once they noticed Hyeonu was going to meet Lebron, they approached Hyeonu or chased him secretly. Of course, the soldiers didn’t let them pass. Hyeonu finally passed through the road of hardship and arrived. A man, who wasn’t very tall and had brown hair, was sitting in the tourney hall.

Before Hyeonu could speak, Lebron opened his mouth, “You are the one recommended by Khan?”

Hyeonu bowed to Lebron, who was no less daunting than Raccoon. It felt like he had to do it.

“Yes, I am Gang Hyeonu.”

“You look a bit like a footman. Your level must be good enough if Khan recommended you.”

“No, Khan just gave me a high assessment.”

At Hyeonu’s humility, Lebron pulled out a wooden sword from one side of the tourney hall. “Would you like to try it?”

Hyeonu was about to refuse when Lebron continued, “I promised to give one skill to those who bring me the gold coin.”

‘What are these words? Will he give me something better if he likes me?’

At that moment, the quest was updated.

[The quest has been updated.]

[Rating: E -> D+

The reward depends on Lebron’s satisfaction.]

‘Damn, I have to fight every time I meet a monster.’

Hyeonu was forced to give a positive answer, “Okay. I am willing to accept.”

‘At least the labor costs will be paid. A unique skill...’

Since Hyeonu was forced to go all out, he decided to get the most he could get out of it.

“If Lebron really likes me, can I get two skills?”

At first glance, it was a very straightforward and rude remark. However, Lebron had a typical warrior’s spirit and was different. Lebron accepted Hyeonu’s words, “Okay. I’ll give you a high evaluation just for that attitude. If I’m satisfied with your talent, even two or three won’t be a problem.

‘Since it is like this, I just have to do my best.’

A thought suddenly came to Hyeonu. He realized that he couldn’t remember watching any videos containing Lebron.

‘If this is recorded...? Won’t Yeongchan love it?’

“Then come and hit me. I think it is enough for me to be like a tree during our spar. Still, you shouldn’t underestimate me. I'll use strengthening magic. You can get really hurt. It may even be painful enough to die.”

Hyeonu ignored Lebron’s words and stepped back carefully. Lebron slowly stretched out his wooden sword when he noticed Hyeonu had moved back. Hyeonu saw Lebron’s posture and also took a unique stance with his longsword on his shoulder.

“Ohu? That posture is quite unique. I don’t remember seeing anyone serious with such an arrogant posture.”

Hyeonu responded to Lebron’s remark, “I am the exception. I’ll prove it from now on.”

Hyeonu summoned Taeng and buffed up. This wasn’t a good opponent to draw things out with for a long time.

It was best to be short and bold, showing off everything he could do.

Lebron smiled at Hyeonu. “Then come at me first.”

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