Ranker's Return Chapter 27

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[-Giant of the Age of Mythology (2/3) has been worn.]

[-The two-part set effect is applied.]

[-All stats +50.]

[Ring Containing the Soul of a Giant]

[-A ring containing the soul of a giant. The power and spirit of a giant from the past mythical era can be felt from it.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: None

Effect: Strength +50, Magic Power +50, ‘Giant’s Nature’ is available (Cooldown time: 2 hours).

Giant’s Nature: Gain an addition power equal to the magic power stat. The duration is 5 minutes.]

“A set item effect?”

That’s right. The identity of this ring was a partner to the ring obtained in the tutorial. Hyeonu was pleased with the unexpected appearance of the set item.

‘A unique set.’

What’s more, it was a unique set item, not a rare one. At this level, it was different from the unique items obtained through the main scenario quest.

“Status Window.”

Hyeonu checked his status window, which had changed after wearing the ring. He was impressed by the changed numbers.

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 50

Class: Warrior

Title: First Person to Meet the Emperor, Warrior Acknowledged by Khan, New Star Acknowledged by Lebron, First Person to Enter the Imperial Palace, Achieved 100 Consecutive Wins

Stats: Strength: 70 (+300) Agility: 125 (+150) Physique: 60 (+180) Magic Power: 60 (+130) Fighting Energy: 6 (+50)

Remaining stat points: 0]

All the numbers had changed significantly from one unique ring.

Hyeonu stood up. It was time to visit Lebron.


Hyeonu eventually went to see the emperor alone. Lebron used the excuse that he was busy and handed over a stamped pass. 10 minutes passed, and Hyeonu arrived in front of the imperial palace. He gave the guard Lebron’s pass. The guard examined it closely before opening the way.

‘What type of item will it be?’

Hyeonu’s eyes shone as he recalled the contents of the emperor’s quest. His eyes were full of anticipation.

‘It will be an emperor-like distribution.’

Hyeonu was excited about the emperor’s reward. After winning 100 consecutive matches, he expected it to be rewarding.

“No, it has to be.”

That wasn’t all. He even lost time that could be used to level up. As a result, there might come a time when he would be unable to complete the main scenario quest due to his low level.

“Let’s get the reward quickly and go hunting.”

Meanwhile, Hyeonu arrived at the emperor’s great hall. He went through all types of procedures before meeting the emperor again.

“Hoh. You’ve come here again already?” The emperor spoke in a very bored voice, but his eyes were full of intrigue. Hyeonu had returned less than a week after his visit to the imperial palace. From the emperor’s point of view, it was a quick return.

“I’m back after obtaining proof,” Hyeonu bowed while speaking politely.

‘He is truly a monster. At least level 200? No, he must be at least level 300 from the way my back is stiffening.’

In Lebron’s absence, the emperor was a monster—a monster with hundreds of arms and dozens of eyes.

“Then take this.”

[You have cleared Proof of Qualification.]

[The emperor’s gift has been acquired.]

The thing that the emperor threw was a small bead.

“Take this and go to Arti Desert to see Aldred.”

[A quest has been created.]

[To Arti Desert]

[You have received the emperor’s gift. Go to Arti Desert with the gift and find Aldred.

Rating: C

Conditions: Meet with Aldred 0/1

Rewards: Aldred’s skill.]

“I understand.” Hyeonu slowly got up from his bow. ‘Sigh, I have to go to the desert quickly.’

The emperor looked at him for a long moment before opening his mouth to say, “This is a request because I trust the person Lebron has acknowledged. I heard there are rebels in the desert. Find out who is doing in, who is holding hands with whom and their location.”

[A quest has been created.]

[Rebel Investigation.]

[There are rebels somewhere in the Arti Desert. Get more information about the rebels.

Rating: MS

Conditions: Information about the rebels 0/1

Rewards: The emperor’s gift.]

“I will finish it as soon as possible,” Hyeonu said. Then the emperor waved for Hyeonu to go out.

Hyeonu came out of the imperial palace and exhaled. “Oh, my heart is trembling.”


The Arti Desert was an unforgettable area for Hyeonu. It was where Arena’s first main scenario quest opened. At the time, it was an area that was hard for most players, aside from Hyeonu, to hunt in. That was the Arti Desert. In the Arti Desert, there was an imperial castle in the center.

It was Lipa Castle. This was Hyeonu’s destination. However, Lipa Castle didn’t have a return scroll. It meant Hyeonu would have to walk on his own two legs to Lipa Castle. Naturally, there would be monsters infesting these paths.

“Lightning!” Hyeonu screamed, and two stems of lightning were emitted from Tang-E. [1] A desert scorpion was hit by the lightning, and it trembled. This was the effect of an electric shock. Hyeonu swung his longsword in a relaxed manner while injecting a lot of his magic power into it.

[The desert scorpion has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

“The experience is very good. Don’t you think so, Tang-E?”

“I feel stronger, Master dude.”

Hyeonu was very satisfied with the rate at which his experience was climbing. They had spent more than a day traveling to Lipa Castle. However, this time wasn’t wasted. In the meantime, he gained three levels and reached level 53.

“It is almost over, Tang-E.”

“There is a castle over there, Master dude.”

Lipa Castle appeared in Hyeonu’s vision.


Hyeonu arrived at Lipa Castle and saw a drought of players. Within two years, Lipa Castle seemed to have become a castle that players had abandoned. Not many players could be seen here.

“There isn’t anything to gain here.”

“I’d rather go to Seong Kingdom.”

That was natural. It had been two years since Lipa Castle was revealed in Hyeonu’s main scenario quest. The quests that players wanted and liked had already disappeared, and there were countless alternative castles. The hunting ground around Lipa Castle was between level 90~110. Considering the slow level-up rate, it wasn’t possible for simple hunts without quests to be popular.

“It is good for me.”

However, it was an irrelevant story for Hyeonu. Hyeonu’s level was in the mid-50s, and he could be satisfied from hunting in a level 90 hunting ground. He also had quests to do, so this was a great place. It couldn’t have been better.


Hyeonu was able to meet Aldred after several twists and turns. He was a man with a spear as big as his height. This was Aldred.

“Did you bring the badge?”

At Aldred’s words, Hyeonu handed over the bead. “Here.”

After receiving the red sphere, Aldred handed Hyeonu a small book. The cover of the book had a crescent moon pattern.

‘Crescent Moon Cut?’

This was a very famous skill. It occasionally appeared in random rare skill books. Just like the name Crescent Moon Cut, it was a technique that formed sword energy into a crescent slash that flew out. It was a ranged attack that had devastating power against swordsman classes, and it was unique rated, not rare.

‘The timing is good.’

Hyeonu had been lacking attack skills, so this was like an oasis for him.

‘My speed will be at least twice as fast.’

It was obvious that hunting would become faster for him. Hyeonu decided to get information about the emperor’s errand from Aldred. “Do you know about the rebels?”

The reaction was immediate. Aldred’s expression changed. He spoke with a dreadful expression and in a low voice, “How do you know about that?”

“I came here to give you the badge, but I was also commanded to investigate the rebels.”

Aldred decided to believe Hyeonu’s words. This person had the emperor’s badge, so it was right that he was investigating the rebels.

“Look at this.” Aldred pulled out a small map. “This is a map I created under the pretext of hunting all over the Arti Desert.”

‘That’s it!’ Hyeonu was delighted because he could see a clue to solving the quest. It was a neat process when he thought about it.

“Here, here, and here. I am suspicious about these three places.” Aldred pointed to the X marks on the map.

Hyeonu shook his head. “This place? Isn’t it Lipa Castle?”

“That’s right. I believe there is a helper here in Lipa Castle. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to secretly divert a large number of materials.” Aldred gave Hyeonu the map. “I hope you fulfill His Majesty’s command.”

“I understand.”

In case someone was watching, Hyeonu hid the map. His heart was beating faster now. It was obvious that if he cleared this quest, he would be able to reveal his presence in the main scenario.


Hyeonu exited Aldred’s residence and looked closely at the map. There were three places indicated on the map: Lipa Castle, the Teuma Tribe, and Lake Briang.

‘I will start with the Teuma Tribe.’

The most satisfying of the three places was the Teuma Tribe. It was a hunting ground around level 90 and was mainly home to desert scorpions and goblins. Additionally, the desert goblins were monsters that lived in groups. It was a hunting ground where the efficiency of the newly acquired Crescent Moon Cut would be maximized. There was no better hunting ground to test out Crescent Moon Cut.

There was just one problem.

‘I’m hunting alone.’

For the low level Hyeonu, it would be burdensome if dozens of goblins rushed at him at once.

“I’ll take a look first.”

Hyeonu started running toward the middle of the desert where the Teuma Tribe was located.


Hyeonu wasn’t the only one clearing the main scenario quest. In addition to the New World and Behemoth Guilds who were the main characters of the previous main scenarios, the other large guilds and professional gamers were also working on the scenario.

Carey, the Phoenix Guild’s guild master, was meeting with the guild’s executives.

“How much have you progressed in developing a relationship with Lebron?”

“A few more miscellaneous quests and we will be able to build up the relationship we need to progress.”

“This time, we must not be pushed by others! Pressure is coming from Amur. If this continues, our funding may be reduced.”

At this moment, a blonde magician staring into the air next to Carey opened her mouth, “How far have we progressed now?”

“Our relationship with Lebron is almost complete.”

“Then who is this guy?”

Carey replied to the magician’s question, “Rachel. How many times do I have to tell you? You only watch videos! It is hard to tell if you are looking at the air or watching a video!!”

Rachel became angry at Carey’s scolding. “The important thing is that Alley Leader met the emperor!!! You stupid person!”


At this moment, Hyeonu’s new video was uploaded to his channel.

[Emperor of the Empire.AVI]

It was the moment when the image of the emperor of Yusma Empire was revealed for the first time.

“Look for Alley Leader right away! He is at the forefront of the scenario!”

[1] For those who didn't read the announcement post, I changed Taeng's name to Tang-E

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