Ranker's Return Chapter 7

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“I leveled up, so I should distribute my stat points.

“Status window,” Hyeonu called up the status window to distribute the stats he gained from leveling up.

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 4

Class: Beginner

Title: None

Stats: Strength: 10 (+65) Agility: 10 (+25) Physique: 10 (+50) Magic Power: 10

Remaining stat points: 20]

“Hah,” Hyeonu sighed when he saw the status window because he remembered his status window from the past. It was a pity when he thought about the various stats and titles.

‘I deleted it in vain.’

This was a bit disappointing. Hyeonu distributed his remaining stat points. In the past, he had played a normal warrior class, and he had distributed his points based on strength and physique. This time, he was going to play a slightly special warrior class, so he distributed the stat points differently from the past.

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 4

Class: Beginner

Title: None

Stats: Strength: 10 (+65) Agility: 25 (+25) Physique: 10 (+50) Magic Power: 15

Remaining stat points: 0]

15 points into agility and 5 points into magic power...

Right now, such an extreme distribution of stat points was possible because the unique ring made up for his lacking strength and physique. In the future, he planned to focus the points on three stats, excluding physique.


-Forest Wolf’s Fangs: 15/15.

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

“I am level 6...?”

Hyeonu distributed his new stat points into agility and closed his status window. He couldn’t waste time in this place. Based on his plan, he had to reach level 10 today. He still had a lot to do.


The outer forest was very wide. No, all the fields in Arena were wide. Therefore, it became mandatory to have a vehicle or other means of transportation. However, Hyeonu was only a level 6 beginner. He couldn’t have access to such a thing yet. He relied on his two legs to wander through the large forest.

“I guess this is that place.”

Hyeonu finally saw the cave. It was the cave that Lance spoke about. By the way, all the players he hadn’t seen until now filled the cave. Hyeonu didn’t know it, but the goblin cave was an instant dungeon that allowed people to enter on a party basis. The experience was also quite impressive.

Besides, Lance’s quest was the only way to get special potions. As a result, there were countless players trying to catch the goblins.

“Is there no healer? Healer!!!!”

“Monk wanted!!!!!”

“We are recruiting party members! A close-range player!”

Hyeonu spoke to the party leader looking for a close-range class, “Can I join the party?”

The party leader looked at Hyeonu and shook his head. “I don’t think you have any immunity items. Look for practice parties. We are a skilled party.”

Hyeonu’s request to join was adamantly rejected, and his pride was offended. A practice party was a group of players attempting the dungeon for the first time. In other words, they were beginner players who went in together and would be surprised by everything.

“Aish.” Hyeonu had the confidence to block or avoid the goblin’s poisonous needles, yet he was ignored because he had low-level items and no immunity items...

Hyeonu’s ego cracked, and he was gritting his teeth when he heard a female voice say, “Do you want to join our party?”

Hyeonu’s head turned back reflexively to see a cute-faced female priest. Hyeonu nodded without asking about the terms of the party.

‘I’m in a hurry.’

“Yes, let’s go as soon as possible.”

“Then come over here. I’ve collected everyone!” The priestess called out to her party members. The party members trying to recruit a player from all over the place quickly showed up.

“Shall we start with the introductions first? I am Choi Somi.”

“Why are you saying that when we all know it?”

“Not everyone knows. Just do it!”

The male warrior asking the reason for the introductions was hit by Somi and couldn’t argue.

“I am Hyeonu. My class is a warrior. I am level 20.” Hyeonu hid the fact he was level 6 and became a normal level 20 warrior. His unique items made his stats similar. He just didn’t have the class-specific skills.

“By the way, you don’t have any immunity items?”

“Yeah, you’re a close-range class. Will you be able to hold on?”

“I am a bit skilled in control.” Hyeonu smiled as much as possible under the criticism of the party members.

“Oppa! What are you doing to the person I brought? Can’t you trust me?”

“Yes, I don’t trust you. That’s why I’m asking. Don’t you know that I don’t want to die because of you?”

“This... Die!” Choi Somi swung the staff she was carrying at the warrior believed to be her brother.

In the meantime, the other party members started to introduce themselves.

“I’m a level 23 magician. Call me ‘Jia’.”

“I’m a level 22 archer. My name is Park Cheolmin.”

The battle between the siblings ended in the meantime. The warrior approached to shake hands. “Sigh. I didn’t even get to look at you earlier. I am Choi Jinu. As you can see, I’m in charge of tanking.”

They kept speaking and naturally revealed their ages.

Somi was 20 years old. At 21 years old, Jia and Park Cheolmin were younger than Hyeonu, while at 24 years old, Choi Jinu was older than Hyeonu.

“Then let’s go in.” Hyeonu entered the cave.


“The most important thing is to avoid being hit by the poisonous needles as much as possible. Goblins actually aren’t that hard to catch apart from their poisonous needles,” Choi Jinu gave a brief explanation after entering the dungeon.

“Then Hyeonu and I will take the lead in attacking the goblins. Somi will be in charge of healing.”

“I know,” Choi Somi replied briefly to Choi Jinu’s words. Her expression was asking why she alone was mentioned. Choi Jinu pretended to be unaware and went ahead with his sword and shield.

“Kiruk, kiruk.”


A group of goblins finally appeared. The goblins launched their poisonous needles as a happy greeting. The poisonous needles naturally didn’t penetrate Choi Jinu’s shield. Meanwhile, Park Cheolmin’s arrows and Jia’s magic bombarded the goblins.

“Kieek!” The goblins fell into disarray.

‘Isn’t this a very well-matched party?’

Why did they accept him as a party member? It was a question that came to Hyeonu’s mind. Still, it was only for a moment. Hyeonu also had to take part in the battle. It was because the goblins in the lead came closer. He didn’t slice apart the goblins like he did the wolves.

Still, it was basically the same to Hyeonu. No, it was easier to hit the goblins. Hyeonu’s sword exquisitely passed through the incoming goblin's defenses and cut its neck. The goblin grabbed its slashed neck and collapsed.

[You have killed a cave goblin.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

-Cave goblins killed: 5/15.

-Cave Goblin’s Thumbnail: 5/15.

The battle ended as a one-sided massacre.

“It seems you’re pretty good at fighting?”

“Yes. Your sword flew around like this.”

“Hyung also fought well.”

The group didn’t notice that Hyeonu was level 6 and now level 7. To that extent, Hyeonu had no sense of incongruity compared to a level 20 warrior.


The atmosphere was full of harmony. The fighting that lasted one hour was carried out neatly. After another battle, Hyeonu’s party had a brief break. Suddenly, a pile of bamboo tubes rose in a corner of the cave. The group was fl.u.s.tered when they saw Hyeonu suddenly pull out his sword. Their expressions were asking him why he was drawing his weapon.

At this moment, Hyeonu’s sword danced. The poisonous needles couldn’t cross the line created by Hyeonu.

“Goblins. They came.”

“Y...Yes. Kids, let’s go.” Choi Jinu remained calm and joined the battle. They caught the goblins quickly once they started attacking properly.

“Wow. How did you see them? Amazing!”

The party members, including Choi Somi, raised their thumbs to Hyeonu. It meant that he was great. Hyeonu pretended to be shy when everyone praised him. “Let’s go and catch the boss. We have to finish the quest.”

The boss monster of the goblin cave was a cave hobgoblin. It was a bit taller than normal cave goblins, had more advanced intelligence, and also used magic.

“In other words, you can’t just shoot arrows and cast magic like you were doing just now. Understood?” Choi Jinu also gave a briefing on the hobgoblin.

“By the way, why aren’t you saying anything to Hyeonu hyung?”

“Why should I say anything when he is good just by looking at what he's done up until now?”

Park Cheolmin tried to pull Hyeonu in only to be hit in vain.

“Then everyone should concentrate.”

The master of the cave, the hobgoblin, appeared. The hobgoblin’s appearance was different. He shot a black sphere at Choi Jinu.

“Ugh...” Choi Jinu lifted his shield and blocked the sphere.

However, he couldn’t endure the impact and flew away, hitting the wall of the cave. There was a reason why a party was needed to hunt the cave goblins. The hobgoblin was so strong that day and night would pass unceasingly while trying to catch it. Hyeonu’s party might have excellent strength because of Hyeonu’s unexpected performance, but it was clear that the hobgoblin was still a tough opponent. Hyeonu received Choi Somi’s buff and moved forward when Choi Jinu flew away.

[You have received a priest’s blessing.]

[Your strength has risen.]

[Your agility has risen.]

‘This is enough.’

Hyeonu was pleased by the increase in stats due to the buff. He felt his body’s movements become lighter. In this state, he was able to deal with the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin quickly swung the dagger in his hand. Yet it wasn’t Hyeonu who was going to be beaten. He used a gentle movement to dodge the dagger and cut the hobgoblin’s side in reverse.

“Kiruk!!” The hobgoblin held his side and was very angry.

He, the ruler of the cave, was wounded by a human being. The furious hobgoblin started to make a black sphere, but Hyeonu wouldn’t just watch. The time it took for the sphere to be created was five seconds. Hyeonu ran forward and cut off one of the hobgoblin’s arms entirely. The black sphere disappeared as the pain of an arm being cut off made it lose concentration.

“Kiruk!!!” The hobgoblin cried out as its arm fell to the ground.

‘The intelligence of this low-level boss is really poor.’

“Attack quickly!”

‘By the way, why are they just watching? We could’ve caught the hobgoblin earlier if we worked together.’

Did they want him to die? Hyeonu completed the scenario in his head. In the meantime, Choi Jinu had filled up his health with Choi Somi’s heals and potions, yet he hadn’t thought about joining in. Like everyone else, he was busy watching Hyeonu fight.

It was an inspiring performance. Dodging the hobgoblin’s dagger, fighting back, and dodging again—Hyeonu’s performance was something they thought could only occur in their imaginations. As everyone watched him, Hyeonu cried out, “Attack!”

Jia was the first to wake up and cast magic. A mana arrow was created and fired at the hobgoblin. Park Cheolmin’s arrow followed. The hobgoblin was standing there in a daze and couldn’t avoid the flying arrows. “Ki...”

[You have killed the Cave Hobgoblin.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

Hyeonu sighed when he saw the hobgoblin falling. ‘I almost died.’

“Wow!! We caught the hobgoblin!”

“It wasn’t us. It was Hyeonu.”

“Hyeonu hyung is the best!”

“Oppa was so cool!”

The party members who caught the hobgoblin looked incredulous. They caught the hobgoblin. They couldn’t believe it. The hobgoblin left behind a small egg, a bit of silver, and a small book.

[Random Pet Egg.]

[5 silver 28 bronze.]

[Dark Ball Magic Book]

“How do we share this?”

“Shouldn't we give all of it to Hyeonu?”

“I agree. In any case, Oppa caught it alone.”

Hyeonu felt burdened by the infinite consideration of the party members. “I just need the egg. The magic book is useless to me.”

“Is it really okay?”

“Yes. This is enough.”

‘Won't you kill me if I take it all?’ Hyeonu’s imagination was still working actively.

“Let’s hunt again next time.”

“It must happen. Understood, Oppa?”

“Can I add you as a friend?”

Hyeonu waved toward Choi Jinu and the others before quickly leaving this place.

‘Trying to hit a person in the back with a sunny expression,’ Hyeonu thought as he ran to Aslan.

He didn’t trust anyone in this world.

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