Re-Birth Of A Genius. Creator/destroyer Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Attack on the Empire

Arman is having the worst time of his life.

He is not even able to freely roam the streets, because there is at least one shooter who will be aiming at his ass once he shows up on the streets.

He was thinking on how to get away, but he couldn't find any other way. He was barely able to hide for sometime when someone comes chasing him.

He is extremely regretting all the things he did. At least, the things he did in the past day. He has ruined the train track in hopes of causing an accident, but he got the timing wrong and they were able to rectify the mistake easily before the crash could happen.

He doesn't know what he was thinking when he was doing, he just felt like doing that stuff and no reasons came to his mind to not to do them. But now, he can think more than dozen reasons to not to do it. It was like he was possessed.

Arman who is away from the thunder god temple, was obviously missed on the information regarding the Devil Guided incense.

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