Re Birth Of A Genius. Creatordestroyer Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Ambush

Sam looked around. He noticed some presence but he wasn't able to pin point what it is. He tried to ignore it and move on and just when he took a step forward.

*Swoosh* an arrow flew over and almost hit him on his face. Sam dodged it narrowly and immediately took out the Golden Crescent and turned on the bow mode. He aimed the bow as he nocked the arrow, in the direction the arrow came.

Just as he was about to release the arrow, he sensed some danger. He immediately shot the arrow and ducked.


A spear flew over the place where his head was before when he was in standing position. The spear pierced through the tree in a distance away from him.

for visiting.

Before he could make sense of the situation, a fire ball came from behind. Sam did his best to dodge and then he was in a situation where he has to dodge continuously.

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