Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 I Won

Chapter 1604: I Won

There was an explosive sound of a blast.

The Dark Evil Spirit flew out in an unrecognizable body. Shui Zhongliu was standing where they were fighting.

The Dark Evil Spirit looked like a mess. He was in a terrible condition, but as he coughed blood, he laughed. Shui Zhongliu was standing on the floor, staring at Ye Xiao with his red eyes. Ye Xiao You

That was it. That was all he could say. Suddenly, a lot of blood kept running out from his nose and mouth. Blood rushed out from inside his body. At the same time, a green-colored stream of sword light exploded and shot out from inside his body

It seemed Shui Zhongliu became a bladder that was leaking water everywhere, except it was not water but blood. What a terrible picture!

Puff, puff, puff
Shui Zhonglius body was cut into pieces by the fierce sword light.

The sword energy made a blast inside him. What was left behind was a pile of broken bones and filthy flesh with blood. The man died with his body in pieces.

Nobody talked. Everybody was shocked.

Brother! Shui Zhongtian shouted sadly and his eyes turned red.

The Dark Evil Spirit saw Shui Zhongliu die and cut into pieces. He finally lost his strength to hold himself anymore, and his eyes were turning dim.

The fight didnt last long. The crash was fierce and rare. It was terrific. Things happened within seconds. The fight was over, and all the people saw was its result. However, almost nobody saw what exactly happened!

There were people who almost saw it clearly. These people sighed about it.

The Dark Evil Spirit had won the fight. It was tough, and it looked terrible, but he won.

He won it by luck!

First of all, when Shui Zhongliu fought, he had already been so irritated by Ye Xiao that he had almost lost his mind. When a cultivator was irrational in a fight, he couldnt do his best in the fight because he wouldnt be able to control himself well enough. The Dark Evil Spirit was calm and thorough when the fight started.

Second, the two men had weapons at different levels. This was an important reason. The Dark Evil Spirits sword was reforged by Ye Xiao, and it had become a divine weapon that could be one of the most valuable weapons in the Human Realm Upon Heavens.

Shui Zhonglius weapon was like a childs toy compared to the divine weapon.

The Dark Evil Spirits weapon was the vital reason he won that fight!

The Dark Evil Spirit used it to break the enemys sword after letting himself get hurt. Since his sword was powerful enough, he could have done it and then injure the enemy so badly. That was the only effective attack that the Dark Evil Spirit made in the fight.

That sword attack was all he had to do in order for him to be victorious!

There was one last reason why he won the fight. The Dark Evil Spirit had his own good views. He made every decision according to the details that he observed during the fight. He was good at it. He got himself hurt for a good chance to defeat the enemy with one strike. He used himself as a bait and successfully got Shui Zhongliu. He had made a good plan, and he was determined to take the victory!

What happened to him afterward was difficult. Shui Zhongliu was a famous killer in the whole world; he was good at protecting himself. When he got hit, he immediately returned to a sober mind. He struggled and tried to fight back, so he made the palm hits. The Dark Evil Spirit didnt dodge because he intentionally chose to receive all the attacks just to seize the opportunity to give Shui Zhongliu a deadly strike. The sword energy rushed into Shui Zhonglius body and blasted inside him. It was a dangerous move because if Shui Zhongliu had enough power to keep his energy of protection running a while longer, things would end differently!

The Dark Evil Spirit had done a great job in planning this fight. It was thorough. When the opponent was irrational, he decisively made the attack with his divine sword. Eventually, he won the first round in a beautiful way!

Lets call it a draw. Master Xiaos face twisted as he spoke in a deep voice.

Whoever won three of the fights became the winner. Every fight mattered to either side. The Dark Evil Spirit killed Shui Zhongliu in the fight, and it was definitely a surprise to everybody. Master Xiao would surely try to get a result that was a little more acceptable.

Are you blind? We won the fight. Ye Xiao blandly smiled.

The Dark Evil Spirit is so severely injured. I dont see how he is going to survive. He will die anyway. Both of them are dead. How could you say you won the fight? You are the blind one. Not me! Master Xiao raged and argued against Ye Xiao.

The Dark Evil Spirit is not severely wounded at all! You are blind. Trust me. Ye Xiao moved to the Dark Evil Spirit and casually put a dan bead into his mouth.

The last second, the Dark Evil Spirit looked like a dead man with a colorless face. After he ate the dan bead, his body started to heal. Some smoke was rising over him, and his bones and muscles started growing back slowly

After a while, the Dark Evil Spirit was still in a coma, but his face looked much better. At least he didnt look like a dead man at all. His chest was going up and down. He was breathing steadily

Master Xiao stared at Ye Xiao like he was going to kill him.

Ye Xiao stood up and blandly said, People die in fights. The winner lives, and the loser dies. Thats fair. I am the prime leader of the Monarchs Hall and the owner of the Hall of Life and Death. If I cant save my own man from injuries like this, how do I save others and accept the title as a fabulous doctor? Master Xiao, dont stare at me like that. You are a wealthy person, and I think you can save Shui Zhongliu as well. If Shui Zhongliu is still alive, we can call it even.

Save him?

Master Xiao looked at the broken pieces of the mans dead body, and his face twisted.

Your guy has torn my man into f*cking pieces! How am I supposed to save him?

Who the hell in this world can save that? Nobody!

Well, if you cant, your man is dead. My man is alive while your man is dead, so we won the fight. Isnt that obvious? Its quite clear. Ye Xiao smiled and said, Thanks.

Master Xiaos face turned green.

All the people on the Monarchs Halls side laughed loudly. That was obvious disdain.

After all, the expression on Master Xiaos face was utterly hilarious.



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