Rebirth As A Fatuous And Self Indulgent Ruler Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Ending In Failure I

Chapter 294: Ending in Failure (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

As for what on earth the emperor of Eastern Darkness was thinking about, it seemed that no one but himself knew that.

Although Fang Shuoyang was his son, he had been living far away from his home country.

Perhaps that emperor really had feelings for Fangs mother in the past. Coupled with the fact that theyd been separated for so many years, it was normal that he loved this son very much. Naturally he hoped that his son could return to his royal family…

It sounded very reasonable, but there seemed to be something wrong.

As the ruler of Eastern Darkness, Emperor Zhou should know that his other three sons had grown up and they were all very powerful with balanced forces.

If Emperor Zhou really loved Fang very much, he shouldnt get Fang involved in the fight of royal family, should he?

Otherwise, Fang would definitely become a thorn in the eyes of his other sons, right?

So did he really love his son?

If it were Long, he would never put his beloved son in the teeth of the storm! Was that still true love?

Or was Emperor Zhou so confident that with his love, no one could do anything to his favorite son?

If that was the case, how would he explain the assassinations Fang had encountered?

Long talked about his thoughts with Shi. Shi said slowly, "Indeed. I think Emperor Zhou wants to make use of Fang Shuoyang so as to protect himself. He appeared to love his son very much and even wants him to return to the royal family, but in fact, he didnt do anything practical for Fang Shuoyang… Fang Shuoyang is still relying on himself."

"Thats right." Long frowned. "Do you think Fang Shuoyang can see things clearly? If I tell Xu You what we think will they think we are driving a wedge between them? I trust Xu You, but as for Fang Shuoyang… Im still not sure."

Long didnt trust Fang very much, so he said directly.

After thinking for a moment, Shi said, "Lets tell them directly and see what Fang Shuoyang will react. If he thinks we are sowing discord…

it can only prove that hes changed his mind. So it would be useless for them to stay there."

Long nodded. "I dont care about Fang Shuoyang, but Xu You is like my younger brother. He cant get hurt there. If Fang Shuoyang is fooled and betrays us, Ill ask the Shadow Guardians to bring Xu You back."

Shi also nodded when he heard the words. "Alright. You can just reply like this."

Long smiled. "Forget about it tonight. Ill do it tomorrow. I believe that they have brains and wont do anything stupid. They should be able to tell whether that emperor was sincere or not."

Shi didnt say anything anymore after hearing Longs words.

Long took Shis hand and continued walking.

After a while, when almost all the food in Shis stomach digested, Long led him to the bedroom.

This night, both of them slept well.

The next day, Long replied to Xu Yous letter after getting up, and then went to attend the morning meeting.

The imperial court was still very peaceful and Long had already got used to it.

Shi also got up early in the morning. By the time Long went back, he had already finished practicing swordplay.

Honestly speaking, Long really admired Shi for his perseverance.

He went to the courtyard and went back to the room with Shi.

It had become a part of their daily routine and of course, Long was very happy with that.

After breakfast, Shi still would go to Liu Suifengs place.

Long was a little upset, but he didnt childishly stop Shi. He only said, "You can go to the mountains if you want. Perhaps you can meet many interesting animals again."

Shi found the irony both funny and annoying.

He had no choice but to say, "You can rest assured. I wont go out again, okay?"

Long gave a forced smile. "Really? Just do what you want."

Shi said with a smile, "I dont want that. Really. I promise I wont go out."

Long finally let him go without saying anything.

Shi breathed a sigh of relief and couldnt help smiling after stepping out of Qiankun Palace.

Long went to deal with the memorials. After almost an hour, a eunuch went to report that Lady Luo asked for an audience.

It took Long a while to think of who Lady Luo was.

Then, Long felt a little surprised.

Lady Luo did something wrong in the past. Because of her, the little prince almost couldnt come to this world!

She and Lady Qiu were accomplices.

However, because they didnt succeed, Long didnt kill them and only put them under house arrest in the end.

These two women were supported by two large families.

One was led by an influential businessman, and the other by a minister in the imperial court.

However, after what happened to two high-ranking imperial concubines, all those women became very obedient. So what was Lady Luo up to this time?

"Ask her what the matter is." With the lessons learned from Lady Rou, Long didnt want to see those women when he wasnt sure if there were any problems.

"Yes." Liu Xiangyang left with the order.

After a while, Liu Xiangyang returned and said that Lady Luo would not speak until she saw the emperor.

Long raised his eyebrows. "Then she can shut up her mouth."

With just one sentence, Lady Luo was dismissed.

Long did not take this matter to heart.

When it was almost time for lunch, Long left the imperial study.

Lady Luo had been driven away at that time.

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