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  • Rebirth Of Medicine

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Romance -  Drama -  Historical -  Female Protagonist
  • Status : Ongoing
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Rebirth Of Medicine summary:

Abandoning the woman, Gu Yaoniu, herself in front of the couple. She has no business, but she woke up ten years ago. Relatives are still there, not yet under the fence. Fate is coming to a turning point. She is born again with fierce hatred. Can you rewrite your destiny?- Description from Novelupdates

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Rebirth Of Medicine Chapters

Time uploaded
: Norikoa month ago
: Give Birtha month ago
: Intimatea month ago
: Pregnanta month ago
: Pissed Offa month ago
: Extra 1 Tricka month ago
: Extra Beta month ago
Chapter 59: Roba month ago
Chapter 43: Vowa month ago
Chapter 3: Fatea month ago
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