Rebirth Of The Female Antagonist: Chapter 191

191 Their Return

"What did you say?"
XuanRong's voice rose when she heard YuShen's report.
Looking at XuanRong's reaction, YuShen knew that the reports from their spies were all absurd.
"Hahahaha.. Xu Ji Mo… you are such a cruel bastard."
XuanRong murmured.
She could not believe that he, as the Emperor of this country, would do such horrible things to the citizens!
"What is the situation at the capital's gate?"
"Replying to WangFei, the evacuees had been staying in front of the capital's gate for more than two days already. The capital was currently under lockdown. No one was allowed to enter but leaving was still allowed, although, none of the people inside the capital were planning to leave. The evacuees had tried to forcefully enter a day ago but was prevented by the guards and capital's soldiers. Those who tried to sneak inside was captured and was sent away. Those who tried to use force and had intended to take down the gate had been killed on the spot. The guards and soldiers were very cruel, not caring whether it was a child or an old man, as long as they tried to enter, they would be shot to death immediately."
XuanRong slowly tapped her finger on the table, thinking.
"How about my maternal grandfather?"
"Old Mistress wants to help but since WangFei had already sent a message, Old Mistress did not make his move."
XuanRong nodded.
This moment was very crucial not just for her but also for the citizens of Qian Zou. In her previous lifetime, the huge flood had also occurred at the same time. She recalled that although Xu Ji Mo ordered the closing of the capital's gate, it was not as horrible as what she remembered. Still, XuanRong was not surprised since she knew how cruel Xu Ji Mo was.
But too bad, it was already too late.
No matter how Xu Ji Mo tried to prevent any problem from arising, few days from now, an epidemic will hit the capital, killing countless people. Because of the flood, many corpses were buried in the mud, some were even wiped up to the lakes and other waterways. The rotting corpses of livestock and people dirtied the water source. The water coming from the mountains and areas where the flood occurred was contaminated. It was too late when the imperial physicians were able to point out the reason. The deadly epidemic called 'cholera' had already been spread out in the entire capital.
Since XuanRong was aware of it, she had already created a cure and had ordered Shu San to personally deliver it at the Chen residence together with her letter towards her maternal grandfather, stating that no matter what, he was not allowed to participate with the government's plan and should avoid leaving the residence. Even the servants were ordered to stock food that could last until the next month and avoid buying outside for the meantime.
QinWang Fu was also the same. Since XuanRong had already married in, QinWang Fu was already her home and the servants were already her people.
But that was it.

She was not the goddess of mercy. She believed that the heavens had given people trials because of a reason. She had already destroyed the heaven's will a couple of times because of her desire to protect her love ones and take revenge to those who bullied her.
Their deaths were not because of her nor because of themselves.
It was because they had a cruel Emperor who would not hesitate to sacrifice the common people for his own personal gains or for his own sake.
Another day passed and XuanRong was at the manor in the outskirt. Together with Shu San, XuanRong had been trying to observe the green plant called 'cactus' but so far, she was not able to see any uses of it. XuanRong had ordered YuShen to carefully check the harbor and find out who where the ones trying to smuggle those foreign things but YuShen had failed to find any lead. The ship who brought the cactus had already sailed away. Those suspicious people who were asking for some westerner's things in exchange for a money had also disappeared.
XuanRong could only grit her teeth in regret.
XuanRong was currently checking the poisonous plants and medicinal herbs in her personal green house inside the manor when Shu San entered and told her that Shu Er and Shu Yi had returned from the boarder.
"Mmm.. No need to show curtsey. Speak, how's your journey? Was your harvest good?"
XuanRong was glad that the two of them had returned.
"Reporting to Mistress, this slave was able to harvest the violet lilies."
When he finished speaking, Shu Er looked as if he wanted to say something while Shu Yi remained silent.
XuanRong could sense Shu Er's agitation.
"What is it?"
Looking at Shu Er's face, XuanRong could not help but ask.
Hearing XuanRong's question, Shu Er's heart almost jumped out of his ribcage. He closed his eyes and inhaled first.
"Mistress, This slave would like to ask for Mistress' help!"
XuanRong's left eyebrow rose.
"My help?"
Shu Er nodded.
"Mistress, when this slave was at the border, below the ravine near the river, this slave had found a woman lying unconscious. When this slave checked her, this slave saw a couple of empty bottles in her pouch. Although the bottles were empty, the residues inside the bottles were different types of poison. This slave had also found out that the woman was inflicted with bone-weakening poison."
"The bone-weakening poison?"
Shu Er turned his head and looked at Shu Yi.
"With the help of Xiao Yi, this slave was able to save the woman's life but the bone-weakening poison had already invaded her bones and although the poison has been expelled successfully, her healing process was slow and based on this slave's analysis, it would take years for her to speak accurately and walk properly."
XuanRong fell silent.
She stared at Shu Er and said, "Bring me to her."
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