Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Demon King

"Old Elder," Just then, one of the students asked, "which race murdered the Fire Dragon King, Arebusta? Is that race actually so powerful? Powerful enough to kill the Fire Dragon King?"

Everyone wanted to know that.

After all, a Dragon King like Arebusta was definitely at the Astral-level above the Star Sector-level. In other words, the strongest level of existence in the known universe. Even he could be killed. The opponent must be unimaginably strong!

"Killed by the Demon King of the Demon race." The Old Elder sighed lightly. "To be specific, it was mutual destruction. The Demon King was over 10,000 meters tall and had a pitch black-colored body. He was extremely powerful and battled King Arebusta for over three months. In the end, they were both exhausted and lost their lives."

Everyone finally learned about a part of the Dimensional War. They all exchanged glances that revealed how shocked they were.

The Dragon race was a prideful race. They never lied.

Hence, what the Old Elder said about the Demon King being 10,000 meters tall and the battle that lasted three months ending in mutual destruction must be completely true.

"So terrifying" Hong Dali stared with wide eyes. "Then, Old Elder, can we still see the Demon Kings corpse? I want to see what it looks like, is it okay?"

"This" After the Old Elder heard what Hong Dali said, he hesitated. He frowned and thought for a long while before finally nodding slowly. "The Demon Kings corpse has been suppressed under our Fiery Abyss at the deepest point. In other words, beneath this pool of lava. Do you see those eight largest metal chains around the lava pool? Those are chained to the Demon Kings head."

Oh god, I was just wondering about what those eight huge metal chains are. Theyre actually used to suppress the Demon Kings body!

"The Demon Kings head is suppressed under the lava pool?" Everyone was stunned. Hong Dali asked, "Isnt it over tens of thousands of degrees inside that? Wont the Demon Kings corpse burn to ashes?!"

Thats a lava pool. The temperature must be a few thousand degrees high inside. What corpse can last inside? Furthermore, it has to be suppressed?

"Haha, worse than ashes. Follow me." The Old Elder brought everyone to the lava pool. "Actually, theres nothing wrong with showing you the Demon Kings head. However, you must remember this. When you see it, you must close your eyes and turn your back against it if you feel anything wrong. Otherwise, the intense pressure will shock you into idiots. Hm, also, you cant stare for too long. This isnt for your protection. Instead, were worried that we cant suppress the Demon Kings head."

The first point was understandable. Demon Kings definitely possessed a gigantic aura. Even though only the head remained, normal people may not be able to handle the pressure. However, what did the second point refer to?

As they were speaking, the Old Elder brought everyone above the central lava pool above the Fiery Abyss. The lava was bubbling and bright red. Eight huge metal chains extended straight into the lava.

Soon, the Old Elder gave the order. Instantly, eight Dragon race guards transformed back into their dragon forms. They each pulled on one chain made out of the unknown metal and flew upwards.


The entire ground trembled. The chains slowly ascended. Then, a pair of giant black horns were seen poking out. The horns were over 300 meters long each. They pointed straight at the sky as if they were going to pierce the heavens. Then, a gigantic head over 800 meters in diameter was pulled out of the lava.

When Hong Dali and the rest saw the giant Demon King head, they all sucked in a cold breath. The less brave ones even started trembling and hurriedly turned around.

This was because the Demon Kings head was not a skeleton skull like everyone expected. Instead, it was fully intact with all his sharp and distinct features. Furthermore, his eyes were open and staring at Hong Dali and the rest!

The Demon King was the strongest warrior of the entire Demon Race. Although only his head remained, this gaze was still too much for an ordinary person.

The most terrifying thing was that everyone finally understood why the Old Elder mentioned that they could not afford to look at it for too long.

This was because the Demon Kings head actually started to grow slowly upon leaving the lava pool!

What the heck, this Demon Kings body can regenerate?! Thats way too f**king scary, right?!

"Can everyone see that?" The Old Elder Anubreta said slowly, "We can only suppress this Demon Kings body from regenerating by keeping him deep under the lava pool. Hence, our visitation hours cant be too long, in order to prevent accidents from happening."

Normally, visits like these would be nothing special. However, unexpectedly, as everyone closely inspected the Demon Kings head, it suddenly opened its mouth and started laughing!

"Hahahaha hahahaha ahahahahahahaha!!!"

That laughter made the entire Fiery Abyss tremble. The lava roared and tumbled. Rock avalanches occurred in the nearby mountains. Everyones faces turned pale as they held their heads in their hands.

The Demon King roared, "Ive been imprisoned for 10,000 years, forcefully kept away from my home. Now, youve finally entered my territory. Youre asking for death! Asking for death!"

How powerful was the Demon King? He was a top-level warrior of the Demon race who could battle against the Fire Dragon King Arebusta for over three months. His laughter alone contained an insane aura. It instantly knocked everyone in the Fiery Abyss unconscious.

The Old Elder Anubreta fainted. Mentor Jynx fainted. Even the mysterious Gu Feifei fainted.

The only person who was unaffected was Hong Dali. Even those dragons pulling on the metal chains were obviously under the mental control of the Demon King. They still remained stationary in the air under such circumstances.

"Looking for death? F**k you!" Hong Dali pointed at the Demon King and scolded. "Do you believe it when I say that I can destroy you any second?!"

"Hahahaha! Finally here, hes finally here!" The Demon Kings head ignored Hong Dali. He just laughed and asked in a low voice, "Hes finally here. Young man, whats your name?"

Obviously, the Demon King had waited for countless years in this lava pool inside the Fiery Abyss just for Hong Dali. In that case, what was his purpose?

"Im Hong Dali." Hong Dali curled his lips and looked at the Demon King curiously. "You knocked everyone unconscious just to talk to me?"

"Hehehe." The Demon King laughed. He even controlled the flying dragons to move up and down to showcase a nodding motion. "Thats right. Ive been suppressed here for 10,000 years, and I only knocked them out today. I did this all just to speak to you."

So strange?

Speaking of which, Hong Dali had seen things like the Golden Emperor Beetle before. Hence, he did not really have a hard time accepting the existence of a Demon Kings head. He was not really scared, just curious. "Then, why did you choose me? You want to rob me?"

"Youre smart." The Demon King laughed. "Thats right. Ive pretended to be defenseless and suppressed all along here just to lower their alert and wait for a suitable person to appear. And thats you. You finally came. If Im not wrong, you must be the Chosen One, right?"

He even knows that Im the Chosen One? But wait, isnt my system supposed to conceal my identity? How did this guy find out?

"Ah, something like that." Hong Dali did not deny it. "Then, what do you plan on doing next? Rob my body and rebirth inside it? Or come over and serve as my servant grandpa?"

Hm, youve waited for me to come, so you basically only have two choices. Rob my body, or stay by my side

Hence, Hong Dali was very calmrob me? I have the System and the Enjoyment Mode. If you dare to rob me, will the System leave me for dead?

As for a servant grandpa, thats even better. A demon as a servant, hm

"Ive waited for 10,000 years. Its been such a long and boring time" The Demon Kings eyes revealed his mixed emotions. "Since youre here now, I have to consider things carefully. Should I rob your body or wait by your side for a chance at rebirth."

Damn, you still need to consider that?!

"Can you cut the bullshit?" Hong Dali was going crazy. "Old people like you who have lived for thousands of years should definitely become my servant grandpa! Youll regret it if you try to rob me!"

Rob me for what? My attributes are still stuck at 100 now. If you dare to rob me, youll only come to regret it later and die a horrible deaththe Great Prodigal System is designed by the Dimension Master, after all. Do you think that you can steal it just like that?

Being a servant grandpa is the way to go! You can still bring me around and hunt for some treasure

"Haha, I have to decide for myself later after checking your body out!" The Demon King laughed. Two black rays of light shot out of his eyes and went straight into Hong Dalis body.

After these two lights came out of the Demon Kings head, it stopped regenerating and remained stationary.

Soon, Hong Dali heard the Demon Kings voice from inside his head. "Are you really the Chosen One? How can your body be so weak?! Thats impossible. Thats impossible!"

Hm, I find it impossible too. Ive gotten this way, but my attributes are still stuck at 100

"Nothing is impossible." Hong Dali curled his lips. "Theres too much you havent seen."

Just then, Hong Dali heard the Systems voice. "Warning! Another Chosen Ones soul has appeared in the Hosts body. The Systems self-protection ability has been activated. The other soul is being imprisoned. Please wait"

Hong Dalis expression was very calmwhat did I say? You dare to come to rob me, did you really think my Great Prodigal System is so weak




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