Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Gods Chosen One

"No, thats impossible! Thats impossible!" The Demon King was obviously spooked. "Whats this Great Prodigal System?! How can it imprison me?! Thats impossible! Its strength, how is it so powerful"

The Demon Kings voice became weaker and more faded. After a short while, he sounded no different from a normal old man. He no longer imposed the scary presence that made hearts thump.

Hong Dali heard the Systems voice again. "Successful imprisonment of the other soul. The System is scanning the other Soul."

Hong Dali sighed lightly. Aiya, poor Demon King, surrender to your fate.

The System can even open an entire Enjoyment Dimension just to save me from dangers. You little Chosen One from the Demon dimension think that you can go up against my Great Prodigal System? Tragic, right? Sad, right?

Soon, the System finished its scans. "Analysis of the Chosen One from the Demon dimension completed. Demon King Polygal, Astral-level warrior, one of the top ten warriors from the Demon dimension Shuraba. Original body attributes: Strength 520,000, Agility 500,000, Reflexes 520,000. Special Skills: Demon Weaponry, Self Regeneration, Ruler of the Demon Race, Living Corpse Reincarnation. The Chosen Ones Sign: Energy Devourer."

Oh damn. This Demon King Polygal was so powerful? Now hes imprisoned by the System, so he has become my servant grandpa?

"How is that possible how can the Chosen One have such a powerful system" Demon King Polygal was deeply hurt. He could not comprehend how Hong Dalis Great Prodigal System was so powerful. "My Chosen Ones Sign can devour all energy. I couldve become more powerful by consuming your Chosen Ones Sign. In the end, I got imprisoned just like that"

Hm, to be honest, Polygal was extremely powerful as the Demon King and one of the top warriors of the Demon dimension.

He originally planned on entering Hong Dalis body and devouring his Chosen Ones Sign. Then, he could choose whether to reincarnate in Hong Dalis body or find the chance to attack an even stronger Chosen One.

However, he did not expect to be imprisoned completely by this random Great Prodigal System. How could he proceed from that?

"You lied to me, evil human!" Demon King Polygal was deeply hurt. "No wonder you were so relaxed. Youre not just the Chosen One, youre Gods Chosen One! How can your Great Prodigal System be so powerful? Only Gods Chosen Ones Sign can do that!"

Eh? What Chosen One, Gods Chosen One? Am I not just the Chosen One, but an even more powerful Gods Chosen One?

"Erm, Big Bro Demon King." Hong Dali asked curiously. "Look at it like this. Youre basically my servant grandpa now, right? And, youre imprisoned here. Why dont you tell me about this Gods Chosen One? If we get along well, I can even help you ask for a favor and let you back out"

This was exactly what the Demon King was hoping for. Hence, he was instantly attracted by Hong Dalis offer. The information was not valuable to him anyways. "The Chosen Ones Sign is created by the Dimension Master. They are created to maintain the balance of this Dimension. As for Gods Chosen One, thats the top form of existence in this entire universe, created by the Universe Master. Gods Chosen One does not only ensure balance in the dimension but rather all the parallel universes. Every single Gods Chosen One will have his own unique personality. However, Ive never actually met one. For example, if all the dimensions are viewed as different religions, then the Dimension Masters are basically religious leaders. The Chosen Ones are the ambassadors who patrol and supervise the different departments. The Universe Master is the strongest Pope who overlooks all the different religions. And Gods Chosen One is the representative who ensures the balance between the different religions."

Oh damn. So my honor in the universe is expanding limitlessly like a bed sheet that a child has peed on!

Did I become the representative of God just like that? I knew it. The Great Prodigal System sounds so cool. How can it just be for a normal Chosen One? Gods Chosen One, thats more like it. Wahahahaha!

Hong Dali felt good after kidnapping a servant grandpa.

Hence, Hong Dali asked in a good mood, "Not bad, thats a pretty comprehensive explanation. How about this, right, when will my friends and classmates wake up?"

"Another two hours." Demon King Polygal was glad and mumbled to himself. "Luckily I didnt have enough power to kill all of them just now. Otherwise, Id be screwed now"

Hm, he did plan on killing everyone here. However, he was not powerful enough just now. That inadvertently saved his life. Otherwise, he would meet his tragic end now.

"Alright, you still have a conscience at least." Hong Dali consoled him. "Do your job well. If Im satisfied, Ill find some way to help you get out. Speaking of which, having a Demon King as my lackey is pretty nice"

Hm, only Hong Dali could make a top warrior of the Demon dimension serve as his lackey

However, the circumstances determined the conditions. The Demon King had tears all over his facesince when had he been treated like this after becoming the Chosen One? Yet, there was nothing he could do about it. Hong Dali was too strong for him

"Actually, I pity you a bit." Hong Dali found a place to sit down and talked to the Demon King. "Why didnt you just stay in your own dimension and enjoy your life there? You just had to come here and seek conflict. In the end, not only did you die together with the Fire Dragon King Arebusta, even your soul was kidnapped by mewhy did you come over to fight us? Isnt peace a better option?"

This question always troubled Hong Dali.

It would have been a good life for everyone if nobody started wars. In the end, they had to create this whole Dimensional War. Why suffer for no reason?

"Dimensional War. Haha, you think that we wanted to come?" Demon King Polygal shook his head and smiled wryly. "To put it simply, the Dimensional War can be described in one sentence. The gods fight, and the mortals suffer."

Eh? The gods fight and the morals suffer? What does that mean?

"What does that mean?" Hong Dali stared with his eyes wide open. "Tell me about it. How do the gods fight and why do the mortals suffer?"

"There are countless dimensions in this universe. Theres a Dimension Master in each dimension. You know all about that already," the Demon King said slowly. "These Dimension Masters spend most of their time training. Think about it. They have extremely long lives, and their powers have nearly peaked. Why do they still train so hard?"

That was a good question.

When this person was already powerful enough to stand at the apex of a dimension, why did he still train so hard? To leave all the other work to the Chosen Ones? To groom his successor? That was probably only a small part of the reason. The main reason

As expected, the Demon King soon continued. "Fights occur between the Dimension Masters. Their training years are long and boring. Every time that a giant black hole explodes, theyll get a chance to meet.

"However, as the Dimension Masters have peaked in their strength, their fights will easily result in dimensional collapses. Those events can destroy entire dimensions completely. Hence, they cant actually fight amongst themselves. They can only restrain each other.

"At that juncture, since the meetings become too boring, they will order their Chosen Ones to lead teams and head to other dimensions for battles. They will only be responsible for watching and negotiating terms during the fights. As for us low-level characters, haha, you know how it ends."

Hong Dali finally understood.

Indeed, the gods fought, and the mortals suffered.

When the Dimension Masters got bored, they would wager on the battles between their subordinates. They would only be responsible for watching and signing terms after the wars

Those were like wars between countries on Earth. The leaders would be responsible for the orders, and the soldiers would be sacrificing their lives. The victors would receive huge benefits, while the losers would have to sign a whole bunch of unfair treaties

"And so you came over unluckily like that?" Hong Dali asked.

"What other options did I have?" The Demon King explained his lack of choice. "Youre Gods Chosen One. You should know that the signs chase after you. If you dare to defy the orders, youll die directly. If you come and fight hard, you might still get to live. How would you choose?"

So thats the case.

Hm, seems like my Great Prodigal System is pretty decent. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, it just created a whole Enjoyment Dimension for me

That means that the Chosen Ones can fight however they want. I dont have to care about that, I can head straight to Earth and have some fun

"Sigh, Gods Chosen Ones like you wont understand the struggles of the Chosen Ones," the Demon King said enviously. "A Gods Chosen One only appears once every 10,000 years. They all carry insane good luck with them and will always receive extra attention and protection. We Chosen Ones are different. We have the most tragic fates. We have to fight everywhere we go. Every day is a life and death situation for us."

Eh, why does he make it seem like the Chosen Ones are the actual protagonists, and the Gods Chosen Ones are the Game Masters? The roles are quite similar, right?

Think about it. The protagonists in novels are always mocked no matter where they go. From the policymakers and the top warriors, to the small gang members and even street vendors, nobody ever likes them.

But Gods Chosen Ones are different. Theyre the bosses no matter where they go. They have countless lackeys always available to service them.

Hong Dali was truly amused this time.

People could not experience happiness without comparison. When he compared himself to others, he felt a strong sense of privilege!

Just look at this Demon King. Even though he lived a cool life as the top warrior of the Demon dimension, he had to endure so much hardship just to survive. He might have thought that he could relax after becoming the Demon King, yet the Dimensional War was still an issue. He had to risk his life and sacrifice in mutual destruction against the Fire Dragon King Arebusta. After all that, he was still suppressed here for 10,000 years

Compared to that, my Great Prodigal System is really the best!




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