Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Gu Feifei?


"Alright, I wont make things difficult for you since your story is so sad." Hong Dali was a kind person. "Work hard, Ill treat you well. Just ask if you need anything. Your life is pretty tough"

Nobody probably had ever talked to the Demon King this way since he became the Chosen One. However, it was nice to hear that

"Then, Ill thank you first." The Demon King sighed. "Ill go rest first. I wont come out any time soon if theres nothing important. Oh right." The Demon King reminded Hong Dali before he faded. "That fat girl is strange. Be careful. Dont piss her off unless you have no other choice."

After he said that, he stopped talking

Fat girl? Gu Feifei?

Hong Dali looked at Gu Feifei, who was lying on the floor, with a curious expression.

This was not Hong Dalis first time hearing about Gu Feifeis strangeness. At least a few people had mentioned that to him. Furthermore, these people were all incredibly powerful, with Demon King Polygal the Chosen One being the strongest of them all.

Since all these important people had said so, what secret was Gu Feifei hiding?

At the same time, on the other side, Hua Yueling arrived at the Fiery Star planet on her spacecraft.

She had a nagging sensation that Hong Dalis Trial Course would be turbulent this time. Not only could the Bei Shihui from the Bei Family come, but she also had a feeling that some other major things were going to happen on this Fiery Star planet!

"My sweetheart, you must be safe." Hua Yueling mumbled. "Ive already lost Juner, I definitely cant lose you too. If someone really attempts to harm you, Ill do anything I can to protect you, even if it means I have to use that move!"

After she thought of that, Hua Yueling looked determined and flew straight towards the Fiery Abyss.

Inside the Divine College, where the Chosen One, Kong, was resting.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Kong, who was meditating, slowly opened his eyes.

Soon, the door opened and Bei Yuanqings face appeared behind it. He came alone, obviously reserved and afraid. He carefully said, "Hello, respected Sir Chosen One. If I have offended you previously, please forgive me."

It was difficult for the Big Young Master of the Bei Family to come to apologize personally. However, it was also obvious that he had ulterior motives in cominghe wanted to use Kong as a borrowed knife to murder Dali.

"Hm, if you have anything to say, just say it directly." Kong nodded lightly and returned to his bed. "If you came all the way here just to apologize, you can take your leave now. I just like to fight others, Im not so boring as to seek revenge for the smallest grievance."

"Theres something, theres really something." Bei Yuanqing hurriedly said, "I heard that you love to fight others. Hence, I came specifically just to introduce two opponents that you will definitely love to fight."

"Are you talking about that Gu Feifei and Hong Dali?" Kong smiled condescendingly. "Youre so weak. How powerful can they be?"

He just wanted to test the waters when he fought Bei Yuanqing previously. Obviously, the results disappointed himthis guy did not even push him to use half of his full strength.

He was already like that. How much more powerful could Gu Feifei and Hong Dali in this school be?

"No, no, no, Sir Chosen One." Bei Yuanqing shook his head violently. "I feel like youre underestimating them. If my full strength is 100 points, Hong Dali is probably around 150. As for Gu Feifei, shes definitely above 200 points!"

Kong was uninterested in Gu Feifei and Hong Dali before. However, after listening to Bei Yuanqing, he was truly excited.

He loved to challenge strong warriors. All kinds of strong warriors. Otherwise, he would not have come early.

After all, as the Chosen One, he had no idea when he would have to enter the Shuraba. If he did not force himself to keep improving, death would be his only outcome.

Hence, he had to continuously challenge strong warriors and squeeze his potential to the maximum. Only then would his chance of survival increase.

Now that this Bei Yuanqing knew about his identity, there was no way he could lie about the situation.

"If what you say is true, perhaps I really should go take a look." Kong nodded lightly, then smiled. "However, I have to warn you first. If you dare to lie to me, I trust that you understand the consequences."

"I dont dare, I dont dare. How will I dare to lie to you?!" Bei Yuanqing shook his head. "Even if I was a hundred times braver, I still wouldnt dare to lie to the honorable Chosen One!"

"Good that you know." Kong instantly stood up and said, "Prepare a spacecraft for me. Ill leave right away. The earlier I leave, the earlier I return."

"Yes, yes, Sir!" Kong was finally making a move! Bei Yuanqing was overjoyed and ran outside. "Ill get on it now!"

Fiery Star planet, inside the Fire Dragon city Fiery Abyss.

"What happened just now?" Old Elder Anubreta coughed a few times before sitting up. Once he got up, the first thing he looked at was the Demon King Polygals head. As he saw that the head was still there and not much had regenerated, he let out a relaxed sigh. "Thankfully, all is well. This Demon Kings head still possesses so much power even after the long period of suppression. Thats truly terrifying. Hurry and put it back!"

The eight dragons holding onto the metal chains in the sky had recovered as well. They could not recall anything that happened. Instead, they only felt dizzy. After they heard the Old Elder, they instantly lowered the Demon Kings head back into the lava pool.

Nobody realized that the Demon Kings soul had already been imprisoned in Hong Dalis mind.

"Ah, what a good nap." Gu Feifei stretched lazily after she woke up.

Compared to the Old Elders confusion, she was obviously feeling fine. However, she looked at Hong Dali a little differently.

There was something up with this girl!

Hong Dali shared a look with Gu Feifei. Then, he raised his eyebrows and continued lying back down to rest on the ground.

"Is everyone okay?" The mentor looked at the entire class and hurriedly said, "Is anyone feeling uncomfortable? If so, report immediately."

"Mentor, Im fine."

"Im fine too."

"Im alright, just a little dizzy"

Everyone stood up. They felt completely lost about what happened. However, nobody could pinpoint what went wrong.

"Looks like we cant keep the Demon Kings head here any longer." The Old Elder looked at the lava pool and said slowly, "We chose to suppress him instead of destroying his corpse completely previously as we could still sense the battle scenes between him and our Fire Dragon King Arebusta. That was good for the development of our race. However, it seems like keeping him around is a potential hazard. We have to think of a way to deal with him now."

Leaving the Demon Kings head here was beneficial for the Fire Dragons growth. Otherwise, they would have found a way to destroy his corpse completely no matter how powerful his regenerative abilities were.

However, the Old Elder sensed something wrong after what happened today. Hence, he instantly gave the order to make preparations to destroy the Demon Kings corpse completely.

Soon, the eight dragons pulling on the metal chains flew back and transformed back into their human forms. The Old Elder pulled them aside and said in a low voice, "Conduct discreet investigations and find out if anyone has extreme reactions to the events caused by the Demon King today. If you discover anything, report it immediately."

"Yes, Elder!" The eight dragons instantly bowed and replied.

"Alright, seal this Demon Kings head completely, then destroy him." The Old Elder waved his hands lightly. "Go."

"Yes, Elder!" The eight dragons then left.

"Alright, everyone." The Old Elder returned to Hong Dali and the rest. He smiled and said, "Im deeply sorry about the accident here today. We have to make some small adjustments to the schedule for the rest of the day. Everyone, you can tour the area freely. Please excuse us as we need to settle some matters related to this Demon Kings head. I sincerely apologize."

"Its okay, its alright." Mentor Jynx hurriedly said, "These are unforeseen emergencies. In this case, please settle your official matters, Old Elder. Ill ask everyone to walk and tour around themselves. Then, well return to rest. We can arrange for the practice sessions to take place tomorrow morning, Old Elder."

"Yes, sure." The Old Elder nodded and extended his hands. "This way, please."

"After you, Elder."

Within the Fiery Abyss.

The Demon Kings head caused some big commotions earlier. Everyone felt some disturbances and walked onto the streets to discuss the situation. The Dragon race was a strange race. They were prideful, powerful, and most importantly, extremely confident. Although the Demon Kings head caused a huge scene, nobody really panicked. Instead, they just asked around. Afterward, the main topic of discussion became the upcoming martial arts assembly.

At the West Training Field next to the Fiery Abyss, a few people were walking. The leader in front was a young man around twenty years old. He donned a black suit of armor and had two long horns on his head. He looked stern and exuded a murderous aura.

"Leslieta, you must perform well at the assembly tomorrow and make our Dragon race proud!" The person who spoke obviously admired this young man in the black armor.

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